Sycning to my Apple watch

I have been using Strava, free version for almost year now, with my Apple watch Series 3 .  No problems until recently.  

First problem occurred where Strava stopped reading my heart rate.  Can't get that feature to work anymore.

Second problem occurred where my Apple Watch just started asking me "Please set up your Apple Watch using the Strava App"  I have Strava in my dock, it's all set up.  I haven't made any changes to what I was previously doing just all of a sudden won't load on my watch.   I have my Strava App opened on my phone but the sync won't occur from the app on my phone to my watch even though I am set up. 

I've done this too: Navigate to Settings on your iPhone and select Privacy > Motion & Fitness. Make sure Strava is turned ON so the toggle is highlighted green. You may have to uninstall and reinstall the Strava app before doing so. While in the Privacy section of your Settings, make sure Location services and Health are enabled.

I've tried everything you all suggest by going in my settings and allowing access.   I have unpaired my watch from my phone and re-paired it. 



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  • Same problem here - either the Apple Watch (Series 5, WatchOS 6.0) tells me to connect via the app or it starts and records an activity and later on won't sync to Strava. I'm currently using the iPhone 11 Pro (iOS 13.1.1).

    Please fix this issue - I'm not willing to spend money for my Strava Summit if I can't use it!

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  • Same problem here - I'm using Strava with Apple Watch Serie 5 and tells me to "Log in or sign up using the strava App". I've done it but notting happening. Not possible to use Strava on the Watch. At the same time Runtastic works fine.

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  • My suggestion is to ditch the Strava app on Apple Watch altogether. 

    I noticed that Strava integration to Apple Health was, shall we say severely lacking, eg. several entries got duplicated, triplicated or multiplied even more. This was unacceptable.

    So, I bought HealthFit app and now I’m using native Workout app to track my activities and then HealthFit syncs the data to Strava. I stripped access from Strava to writing anything to Apple Health to avoid duplication and while at it, also cancelled my Summit subscription since this was a long-standing issue which wouldn’t get fixed.


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