Segment versions - to avoid double matches as a segment evolves.

When you create a variant of a segment that is similar to a previous version, you will have a match on both versions. If I go for a ride on one or the other of the two segments below I will get a match on both. I understand why this happens and that is difficult to address with by tightening the threshold for when to match a segment.

My suggestion is:

  • Add an option to link versions of segments together.
  • When matching segments for a ride, only the version with best match is chosen. This should be fairly straightforward if you have some kind of scoring mechanism that determines how well a part of a ride matches a segment.
  • GUI wise this could be accomplished by adding the ability to select Previous version from the segment page.
    As an example: Segment C could link to B as previous and B could link to A.

Old segment:

New segment:



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