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I was riding with a head wind of 5 to 6 Bft. I went considerable slower than usual, with a higher heart rate. Strava gave me a preview of "Summit", saying "That was easier than your usual effort". it wasn't. 

Power (estimates, I don't have a power meter) in the graph on the site was low, while in reality I generated more power than usual. 

Can you please disable all power estimates for ppl who don't have a power meter? 

Also, can you give us an option to disable "elevation"? I'm in a country where there isn't any, it distracts and takes space on the page. 



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  • Only heartrate is used for the relative effort, not the estimated or measured power.

    And by the way, power estimates are only there if you do NOT have a powermeter so disabling it for those without powermeter means disabling it completely and for all. It can be a nice feature for comparison against yourself and if it's incorrect you just can ignore it.

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