iPhone 11 Pro terrible GPS tracking (image linked)


Since moving from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11 Pro, my GPS tracking is terrible and completely off: https://files-b33w5qvd6.now.sh/ 

iPhone 8 worked like a charm, and now seriously considering moving to another app. I tried the steps of resetting the GPS but that does not do anything: https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216917247-Troubleshooting-GPS-Issues

Hope this is a software issue that can be fixed soon



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  • Same here. I tried recording natively in Strava, and recording in Wahoo and then uploading to Strava. Same problem.

    I’m curious if this is an iOS 13 software or iPhone 11 hardware issue.

    Would take someone with an XS or XR on iOS13 to chime in.

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  • I worked around it by having Adidas Runtastic tracking my run at the same time. Somehow that seems to put some sense in Strava’s tracking. Downside for Strava is now that I actually start liking Runtastic more as it gives me vocal status updates during my run..

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  • Good to know. With Strava dropping Bluetooth support I’ll have to use Wahoo anyways.

    Apple wants me to wipe the phone clean and try it again. Guess I’ll see if that fixes it for me.

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  • So, I tried a fresh reset on my iPhone and it didn’t fix it.

    Apple replaced the phone and it’s still doing it. Also happens with Waze and other apps.

    Not sure what’s up?

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