Best apps to switch to after Bluetooth support is discontinued


I was wondering if anyone here did some research on existing apps that I could switch to if Strava decides to discontinue the in app bluetooth support. 


Are there other apps that allow tracking and relative effort analysis in one app?


I already had a look at Training Peaks for analysis but cannot find a good way to track data with it.



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  • Possibly SportsTrackLive could be a good alternative.

    Shame on Strava for a pathetic excuse to remove ANT+ & Bluetooth.

    I actually thought it was a practical joke at first!!!

    At least they could have allowed this capacity with Summit service. I am but sure they will experience a massive loss Summit memberships and a loss of users with this stunt.



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  • I found this on the strava website. Nouw just testing them all out I guess. I'm also looking for a replacement app.


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  • I contacted the owner of bike computer pro (android & ios). It seems his app will provide the things strava removed (cadence, hr (and power) data) It even has a automatic upload for strava.

    Have not tried it yet. Its lousy weather here. But i will try.

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  • the wahoo fitness app seems to do the trick also. I can connect my BT sensors. I have not tried ANT sensors

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