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Greetings, I use the Apple Watch app for cycling, running and walking. When running I have my watch paired with a Bluetooth device that’s paired with my hearing aids - so I get all of the times, pace and distance straight into my hearing aids. I have a couple of questions: When it’s says my distance, then time it then says ‘previous kilometre ??????’ - what word is it saying? It does sound like pace. Also - when i cycle or walk I don’t have the watch paired with my hearing aids - so will you be updating the app so you can have different settings for run, walk and cycle?


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  • I should add that I don’t want to have to keep changing the settings - so when I run - audio cues come through my hearing aids, when i cycle or walk I don’t want ‘pausing, resuming’ being said out loud by my watch. So I’d like to have the app behave differently depending on what activity I’m doing.

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