My Run stats didn't show PACE

Start from Oct '09, My run stats did not show Pace when i share a photo, instead shows Elev Gain. What did i do wrong? Data in Sta​va feed from my Garmin watch. How to fix it? Thanks in advance


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  • Hi Bronz,

    I notice too that in the feed, Strava tries to pick either pace or Elv Gain, depending on whichever it thinks is more impressive (I'm guessing). So if you do an activity with a lot of Elv Gain, it will show that, otherwise pace.


    There is no way to fix this. Someone will have to look at your activity in order to see both stats.


    I'd agree that it would be great if it just showed both instead of one or the other.


    You can open a support case with Strava if you want to let them know more directly, but don't expect the feature to be integrated overnight.

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  • M

    now it come back to show Pace.
    Will be good if STRAVA can customize like Endomondo. 😁​

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