Select the 3 sports displayed in "my statistics"

For the strava users that practice Triathlon it's perfect they can see their results in  one look but for other it's more complicated. 


For example I practice biking and rowing and I never swim.

Would it be possible to select 3 sports and display them in the "my statistics" section as well as in "my profile" digest. 



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  • Agree its a basic request for multisporters and others. Long overdue. Just needs a setting we can update as we wish. There is a list of activities that Strava permits us to select for each workout. Slack that we cant see other activities in our profile and stats sections. Come on Strava wake up and let me upgrade to Premium. Cant now because you don't show my stats for other activities so not worth it.

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  • I have been meaning to send in a request for this feature for a long time.  As a cyclist/runner/cross-country skier I sometimes change my cross-country skiing activities to "running" so I can designate my races as "races" in strava and see them on my strava calendar.  Having the ability to select the sports that are listed as "primary" would be fantastic!

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