Recording cycling on Workout App on Apple Watch and Strava App on phone. Getting heart rate data

I have a bit of a unique way I record my rides and I’m noticing I’m not getting heart rate data in strava afterwards. Watch seems to be setup correctly in the strava app and the app has heart rate permissions in apple health. Essentially, I start a workout on my watch using ‘open goal’. I do this because I’m often stopping on my rides, waiting for friends etc and don’t want my workout to pause (since I think it gives a more realistic impression of calories burned when it doesn’t). Then, I also record my rides at the same time with the strava app on my phone (I have a mount on my bike so have my segments etc pulled up in front of me). I know heart rate won’t show up live on the app, but it doesn’t show up after either. I know I could turn off auto-pause on the strava app but I do want it to pause - since this gives a more accurate pulse on speed etc over the course of my rides. Do I HAVE to run the workout through the strava app on my phone and is this the only way to get apple Watch heart rate data into my strava workouts? Should strava just pull the heart rate after my workout from apple health? Is it because I’m setting the workout on my watch to open goal and not cycling? Thanks!


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  • I have the Strava app installed on my Apple Watch and start Strava Outdoor Ride from the watch app and heart rate is always recorded on Strava activity. Never started Outdoor Ride from iPhone since I got watch so not sure if that would work to record heart rate. Won't be able to test that for a few months until spring arrives. :(

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