GPS issue not saving to 1999 now - can't find the lost rides... 🤬

Hi, have an Honor View 10 running LineageOS 15.1.  Had this GPS date issue for a while.  If I re-boot before a ride, it mostly works fine.  If not, I just Export the GPX data, open it in a text editor, then do a find and replace for the date, then save.  Finally do an Upload Activity and re-upload it. 😎 Worked a treat, if a pain to do.

But recently the files are not saving in 1999... 😥

Anyone got any suggestions?  Cannot find them using the search function (putting the date into every ride title).

Would be great if you could go to a date.  Takes me 20 clicks to get to 1999...

Thanks, Rob.



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  • I had a hidden workout that was messing up my Fitness graph, only way to get to it was the 'Activities' list on the website... and sort by date.   There it was 1989! :-)

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