Customize Trophy / KOM Case for Profile

I'd like to suggest that you make the 4 trophies on the home page in the "Trophy Case" selectable by the user. In the private view of the trophy case, allow me to select my 4 favorite trophies (and KOM crowns) to display on my main profile page. Think old school top friends on Myspace. I've attached mock-up examples

A bit of narrative to help, imagine I, primarily a cyclist, also occasionally run for cross training. I earn the April 5k trophy and it appears on my main profile page, but in actuality what I'm most proud of is my Cycling climbing challenge from last month, but now that gets booted off my profile page because of a running activity.

Instead allow me to select that climbing challenge to stay on my profile page and even next to it a crown for a particularly tough KOM that I'm proud of and want displayed there. If I don't select 4 or if I lose a KOM crown from my trophy case, default to current settings where the open slots are filled by the most recent trophies. 



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