Heart rate from Apple Watch when recording to iPhone and spoken directions with locked map screen on pre-designed route.

When I use Cyclemeter on my phone, it takes the heart rate info from the apple watch and connects it to the exercise being recorded on the phone, so I had assumed that Strava does the same thing rather than separating a phone recording and a watch recording as two different entities.

I used Strava on the last ride to see how it compares. It’s good, but the fact that it doesn’t link up with the watch to get heart rate data seems strange to me, as all other apps i’ve used do take real time heart rate data from the watch. I like that I can pre-plan a route on the computer, upload it and then ride it, but I do like to have heart rate data to make it more complete.

If i use the watch app to record, I assume I can’t do one of my uploaded routes? Is this the case?

I would also love it if I could get the app to give me directions out loud on my uploaded route. As the phone is on my arm and I have headphones, directions would be really useful in a place that I don’t know.



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