Import from Apple Watch Activity not showing distance

Hi Latest feature for importing activities recorded in the Activity app on Apple Watch is progress. However, it does not seem to import any distance data. Heart rate, time and calories are imported but no distance information. Can this be fixed please? Thanks David


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  • Hi, 

    Same over here, yet I do see pace and heart rate. But the map isn't being displayed. 

    I started importing directly from apple watch (series 4), using import feature of strava, it went well several times (like +/- 10 times), but today the map is missing. 

    Although I selected "running" from the apple watch, it looks like my run has been imported as a treadmill run :) 

    So the type of activity is out of sync after import. 

    Hope they'll get it fixed. 

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  • I have the same problem I imported from Apple and Strava showed everything including the map, until 2 days ago and now it is not reflecting any details of the activity?????

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