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Hi, it’s probably been asked or suggested a million times before but here goes anyway. Isn’t it about time KOM/QOMs were barred from being awarded if the ride contains no other data than speed? In this day and age pretty much most serious strava user will have at least one extra field of data be it , power, hr or cadence to validate the effort against the speed. Sounds like a gripe, but it really is quite disheartening when almost pro beating efforts are awarded


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  • I totally agree. If you want to be in the list, you need a HR monitor. I was just looking at a leaderboard earlier and the top this year for cycling was 50Km/h and a HR of 70-80. A typical effort like that is 160+

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  • That would rule out anyone using the Strava app for recording their activity.  A lot of us use a variety of tools to record our activities and not all of them have ways to pull in data such as power or heart rate.  Personally, I only have power measurement on one of the 5 bikes I ride on and when I run, I use a device that doesn't connect to my HR monitor.  Should I be DQ'd because I didn't spend as much money as someone else on equipment?  

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  • To be honest, Yeah!

    If you can’t prove you at least pedalled the bike or had some level of recorded exertion to prove the ride was valid I think being excluded from the rankings is fair.

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