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    Thank you to all who contributed in these discussions over the years. We’ve appreciated your commitment and passion for Strava and have taken note of the trends and sentiment you’ve shared. As of today (August 4th, 2022), we are closing these Community Discussions down for comments and redirecting all feedback and ideas to an exciting new home. Come join us in our Community Hub and tell us what you think. Learn more about the change here.

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  • How about a yearly leader board also the same as you have for the weekly totals but a yearly one too

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  • How can I create a custom challenge for my club I created? I looked all over the support forum and couldn't find anything on creating custom challenges at all, like other fitness apps provide. This would be an important feature because it would enhance user experience, increase club participation and provide better connectedness and motivation opportunites. 

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  • Due to the great demand on Challenges, we are unable to accommodate requests for self-serve, club-based, or private Challenges at this time. As of now, Challenges are only run in conjunction with Strava and are done in partnership with endemic and global brands in running or cycling.

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  • Is it at all possible to create different teams inside of a club?

    I am creating a club, with the goal for each member to hike 345 km by May 2021.

    I want to separate the members of a club into deferent teams in order to have these teams compete amongst each other.


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  • Could you extend event creation for all the club member?

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  • Can you please display total distance, along with total time, on club leaderboards for triathlete and other clubs. The info is already being tracked, so it's just a case of displaying and auto summing it. I have noticed on pervious community boards that others have asked for this, especially where a multisport club is taking on a distance challenge either for competitive or charitable fundraising purposes.

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  • Why can't walking be counted in clubs? I am trying to set a team group for walking! 

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  • I understand that at this time you are not accommodating personalized challenges for private clubs.  I'm curious, if I track my own club members progress for a challenge that I have created on a personal website, upon completion, can I award my club members with a finisher badge?  I have already created the badge, I would just need the ability to send the badges to finishers and have them displayed on their profile.  All the tracking would be done by me.

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  • Hi, I am trying to set up a lockdown winter wallking challenge for my Healthwalkers in Brighton & Hove.  I've made a club for this, which seems like the right option, but it hasn't let me choose walking as the chosen sport, and although I've selected 'other' instead, a walk I've just done has not appeared on the leaderboard.  Anyone get any idea how I can get walks to count in the leaderboard for our club?  This is the club page

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  • Yes, please respond Strava. Surely it would not be that difficult for you to add walking to the sport options in clubs? This is particularly important as we head into another lockdown. We need people to stay active, but the majority will want or need to do this through walking rather than running or cycling.

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    • I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE all sports in the multisports clubs. IT WILL ALLOW ME TO motivate my students to exercise in addition to running, swimming or cycling. THE REASON FOR THAT IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE some of my students do other activities but are not listed in the leaderboard. AN EXAMPLE OF WHEN I NEEDED THAT WAS every single week when the runners, cyclers and swimmers are getting very competitive and motivated while the others are not.
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    Out football team needs motivation these days
    So we want the leaderboards from a club really give us a very detailed overview.

    - You can edit the leaderboard with the stats you want to see (every stat from running to swimming to riding, from average speed to maximum speed to wathever stat Strava holds)
    - You can set up races, so the motivation comes with the competition... month x - run 5k as fast as you can / month y - run 10k as fast as you can / month z / ride 50k as fast as you can, run as much you can in week A...)
    - and i'm confident you guys can find a lot more interesting games


    So bring more competition in the Strava clubs please!
    These boring COVID-19 days need to be tackled! You guys can give your members something to strive for!! Make it happen and FAST please. It's for our mental well being. Keep everyone motivated and mobilized these days. you can make a huge difference in that.

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  • Hi,

    I created a "commute" club. Unfortunately, it takes over all the activities of the members. Would it be possible to have only the "commute" activities? Would it be possible to exclude virtual outings and other outings not marked as "commute"?


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  • I agree with the request of other sports in leaderboard of clubs. Who in an inline skate club is interested in how much the others ride a bike?

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  • Can you please make the “other” club type include all sports? Walks, skis, every sport type. We would like to have an inclusive club where all minutes are counted towards the leaderboard, not just run cycle and swim.

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  • I was requested to review this forum to see if there are ways that clubs can showcase a cumulative total for all activities and I see others are voicing same opinions.

    Strava has been around for 11 years now. I’m a subscriber and paying into this service. I’m currently putting on a fundraiser for mental health where I’m asking community members to engage in any activity that Strava supports and wish to push the community to obtain a certain cumulative total. The reason for this as I don’t want to be just exclusive to cycling, running or swimming, I want to be inclusive to those who may have disabilities, don’t have financial resources for a bike or membership to swim. So I’d like to include simple activities such as hiking or walking.

    However Strava is currently only those for the elitists and does not wish to be inclusive to others to showcase a cumulative total for all events. I can say elitists as I’ve read the posts above, seen public requests when I google on how to combat this issue; and all I get is the same response of cumulative total is only for running, cycling and swimming.

    Is this in development as the numerous requests shown above make it clear there is a NEED for it. Especially during this unprecedented COVID times people mental health are being pushed to the limit. They need something to engage in. They need to feel like a community which is what I’m trying to do, along with many others above and our voices are not being heard. Strava gathers this information already for all activity platforms that it offers; XC skiing, walking, hiking, etc. Is this software being developed? Do you have a launch date? Or are you simply going to continuing ignoring us? Why isn’t Strava being inclusive to those with disabilities and can only walk? You asked to describe why this is important to me above - it’s because I suffer from mental health and my release is to be active. I’m sure there are many others who feel the same way so my goal is to bring us together. Currently your not in support of providing cumulative totals and I don’t understand why when so many are calling for it.

    Lastly, saying nothing to your community and being quiet about the issue, is the same as saying NO.

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  • Better Customization of Club Events

    -Allow multi-day club events - because when you're not meeting up anymore 'event week' is pretty common

    -Allow photographs or logos to be added to club events - because clubs want to create an identty

    -Allow club memebrs to view past club events - increases sense of community for new members

    -Allow Club Events to fall under 'other' and require no route - as above commest suggest

    I work for a non-profit organization and when covid started, we needed to act fast in order to re-invent community engagement. The current club events are extremely limited, allowing for very little creativity to keep our communities engaged.

    While I recognize that Strava is not a replacement community engagement platform, I would expect more customization for club activities. Like many other community groups suddenly searching for activity tracking apps, my charity brought dozens of new users to you through our promotion of Strava, so making these adjustments is in your benefit as well.

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  • Daniel,
    I really solidarize with you. I, myself, am coordinating a Strava Club with my students, ex-students, parents and teachers in the school I teach to try to engage them on doing more physical exercise in order to improve their general health, but focussing on their mental health. I have asked Strava, in an e-mail to the support, for the inclusion of other activities in the Clubs that choose "other sports" Leaderboard. I understand Cycling and Running is their major public, but they could have the categories Running, Cycling, Swimming, RCS (Running Cycling Swimming together) and all sports. It would be even better if the administrators of the "Other Sports" Clubs could choose the sports they would figure out in the leaderboard. Didn't get an answer yet.

    In the meanwhile, I go motivating the group by publishing a post, every week, with the total hours, distance, activities and elevation gain for all the activities in the club. I figured out that, when we click in the "Share Club Activities" and get the link in the embeded widget, it counts everything. It's not for each individual, but it is a start.

    Best regards and best exercises for you and your club,

    Cláudio Patto
    The Swiss-brazilian School of São Paulo

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  • Something little now, but quiet anoying... the option to look back at the leaderbords for any week you want... now it's only the previous week...the whole history would be so nice.

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  • Why is it so hard to get a decent cover picture. No matter what I do, what size I use, how I crop. It looks terrible. When I select which part of the picture I would like to use. I get something much smaller after I hit save. Making the picture smaller doesn't solve the issue.

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  • Hello Strava

    The Club leaderboard display currently shows This week's and Previous week's information.

    Is it possible to have the ability to choose starting date and end date for the Leaderboard as the very first club event we are launching in our club starts on Wednesday and ends on Monday/Tuesday.

    It will be very difficult to filter the data on the leaderboard as it shows data from Monday(s) to Sunday(s) 

    Best Regards

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  • Hello,

    I have a simple suggestion to increase to usefulness of Club Events Routes.

    I would like club members to have the ability to save events’ route into their own Strava profiles (‘My Routes’). Some bike computers, like the Wahoo ELEMNT, are able to automatically sync routes with Strava. This feature would allow members to very easily have access to the event route on their bike computers. The reason that is important is because there currently is no convenient way to access an event’s route on a bike computer without exporting and emailing the route GPX, which is very cumbersome.

    For instance, a club manager creates an event with a route. This generates email notifications to members. Members click on ‘View Event’ in the email. If the member is on mobile, it opens the event in the Strava App. Somewhere on the event page in the app, there should be an option to save the route to one’s Strava profile. Once the route is in the member’s Strava profile (‘My routes’), and the member open their Wahoo ELEMNT app (or other Strava friendly bike computer app), the apps automatically sync and add the routes in the Strava profile to the bike computer. Done!



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  • Set up a club (Emigrating from Facebook group and google sheets) with that challenge of completing the year (2021 in this case) in distance. However, there is no way to show members distance for the year even though it is calculated by strava on each members individual page. Multi sport also shows time rather than distance. Being able to either join or set up a distance challenge over a full year is really needed.

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  • Please allow clubs to select the activities that count towards their leaderboard, not every club in the world is for running and cycling

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    • I want TO HAVE MORE SPORT REGISTERED IN A CLUB, NOT ONLY RUN SWIN OR RIDE. It will allow me to do HAVE A MORE COMPLETE COMPARISON AMONG MEMBERS OF MY CLUB. The reason that is important is because of  IT WILL BOOST MY COMMUNITY. An example of when I needed that was IN LOCKDOWN PERIOD.
    • Specific examples and details that illustrate the problem/confusion you are experiencing. For example: When I do FITNESS ACTIVITY, then ALWAYS happens and that is not ok because IT IS NOT REGISTERED IN MY CLUB.
    • Screenshots that help visually illustrate the problem. For example: Here is a picture illustrating my point OF CRITICITY from above. See how THE CLUB is doing BAD RECORDING?
    • An explanation of why this is important. For example: This is important to me because IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO BE INCLUSIVE, TO NOT DISCRIMINATE ANYONE.
    • If you propose a solution, an explanation of how that solution would help you and why that is important. For example: I think aN UPDATE THAT ALLOWS TO REGISTER IN A CLUB ALL TYPES OF ACTIVITY would be great because then I could see EACH ONE DOING HIS PREFERRED ACTIVITY, MAINTAINING A STRONG AND ANTHUSIASTIC COMMUNITY. This is important to me because I have to BOOST THE TEAM.
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  • I want Cross Country Skiing to be the activity that counts toward my club leaderboard. It will allow me to motivate my club members toward the sport that links us together. This is important because we live at 8000 ft in snow country, and during the winter, it is challenging to ride a bike. An example of why I needed that is that the leaderboard is a fundamental page for a club, and for it to display a sport that is not relevant for the season and the club's goal is pointless.

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  • As mentioned previously,  having a simple option of awarding a badge when a person completes a challenge, route, distance etc would be a great little addition to the app, instead of just allowing those perks for the big brands.

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  • Please can you enable the separation of road & turbo mileage on Club leaderboards. Our Club has voted to only allow road mileage for Club competitions starting in 2021. Mileage completed on turbo trainers, Zwift, gym spin classes etc is therefore excluded. In order to be able to easily calculate weekly mileage, we would like to be able to separate road and non road miles, either by taking out turbo miles, or by having leaderboards for both types of activity on the Club leaderboard. Currently we would have to look into every activity over the previous 7 days for each member and deduct turbo mileage before arriving at a weekly total.

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  • It would be nice to have monthly or yearly leaderboard in club.. Not fun to compare last week / this week.. Make other option 

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