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  • Hi Strava: 
    For some reason You no longer make a notification if I loos a QOM. I have seen something about not sending notifications if the segment is bellow 0% .
    1) Why ? Makes no sense. Ophil-downhill-segments or segments starting-and-ending same place is very good training-tools and a great motivation - This is the MAIN reason i subscribe.

    2) You dont make notifikations on lost QOM/KOMs abowe 0% either - so ... reconsider this - it does not work !
    3) You have chosen not to send the above notifications in order not to send irrelevant notifications - but stil - I am spammed with notifications and emails about Local Legends - which I do not care for.
    Get those notifications on KOM/QOM's back please !!!

    Best regards

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  • It would be nice to have a few more race distances available under All Time PRs. There are a number of popular road race and collegiate cross country race distances not currently included like the 8K and 5 Mile. I don't know if this feature would be better as completely customizable where any race distance could be created as a PR or if simply adding a more comprehensive list of race distances would be able to accommodate better personal record tracking.

    I also think that in their current form, Estimated Best Efforts are not as clear of a data point as they could be. Unfortunately, they are often linked to activities containing some kind of data glitch in which incorrect satellite data is projecting a perhaps ambitious estimated best time at a certain distance. A solution might include the ability to self confirm if a best effort pace is associated with an activity that was recording accurate data. I realize this one is a tougher bug to fix as the variability of GPS data will always be difficult to pin down with complete accuracy.

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    Group rides should be separate on leaderboards to solo rides. It is totally demotivating to achieve a QOM/KOM to have it smashed by a rider sat doing nothing in a fast moving group. Anyone can sit in a pack and draft!!

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  • Emma Frost - I understand what you are saying, but there is no realistic way to determine whether someone was part of a "group ride" or riding solo in a lot of cases.  Strava's determination of a "group ride" is terrible.  I have been shown as riding "with" other people that I never saw a single time during the ride, I just happened to ride a similar route at near the same time.  Same thing for races.  I've been a little ahead of the pack, clearly not getting any drafting help from the group, yet I was close enough to them that most things would consider my ride to be part of a "group ride".  So, essentially, the only way to get a good determination of what a "group ride" is would need each person to tag that in their upload which isn't going to happen.  Heck, most people don't bother to even go back into Strava after a ride at all, just relying on the auto-upload/sync options from their devices.  

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  • Strava - why are you not adding a Top 10 tab beside KOM (or just replace Local Legends tab - NO ONE CARES!). The most upvoted post up here (currently 119 upvotes) from 2020 - nearly 2 years ago - states clearly that a Top 10 tab beside KOM would be hugely appreciated, but Strava has not done anything to make that happen that we can tell. This would be simple - currently athletes have to save segments we think we have Top 10'd on which is absurd & cumbersome since Strava has all the data & could easily set this up.  

    Does anyone work here?  

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  • Thank you for your great work.  I find that there are running segments where people were bike riding, beating world records; or bike segments where people were in their cars and forgot to turn off their Strava recording, again beating world records at 90 bpm or at 100 watts, probably without being aware, and nothing happens.  There are also e-bikers breaking records or setting times in the same leaderboards as users of non-e-bikes.

    This unnecessary noise makes segments less useful, harder to read or interpret, and takes away unnecessarily from Strava.

    I value the community-driven spirit Strava aims for. That seems to work pretty well to share rides, share challenges, keep accountability, and even marketing.  But flagging other people's mistakes does not seem to be a highlight of a community-driven spirit. Besides, there are so many mistaken activities in Strava, it would take ages for ordinary users like me, to flag those, and I find it hard to believe that Strava users will be motivated to do that long enough to filter thoroughly and sufficiently the Strava database.

    Using algorithms -or even artificial intelligence if necessary-, should be enough to improve this. The system detects a mistake automatically, corrects it automatically or provides suggestions and-or instructions to the user on how to fix the problem, and allows the user to give feedback in case the person has a valid argument to oppose or even reverse, the change.  That way, Strava can keep the positive things about being a community-driven service.

    Could you please give this some serious consideration?

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  • Hernán Vallejo

    Strava claim to have already done this in a July 26, 2021 update.

    To be fair I do know a friend who got one of these alerts because Strava thought they were on a ebike after they beasted it up some climbs. However this doesn't stop a constant spam of people taking KOMs while in a car and other really blatant false results. Clearly this algorithm needs a bit more work.

    If they could just solve the vehicle issue that would be a great bonus.

    If this is expensive computationally, perhaps they could only apply this extra checking to activities that take KOMs, etc.

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  • Like a post i've seen on here from 2020. It'd be amazing to have a place for Top10 visibility. I personally have loads of top 10s but very few KOMs. It'd be great to have this visibility so you can target some of your best segments but also to see where you're performing inside the top10. This would sit in the segments section alongside: Starred, KOMs/CRs, Local Legends. 

    I've seen this request on here from a few years ago with lots of upvotes, would be an amazing feature

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  • I suggest that Strava's desktop and mobile sites provide more information in the "My segments" page. By clicking on a segment, I can see how I've done in a variety of categories. I'm most interested in how I've done this year. I'd like to be able to see something like my performance this year--not just the KOM time and my time--by looking at the "my segments" page. I think this would help me to stay motivated year over year. Since there are some really good times from people that showed up once, but don't ride in my community regularly, it kind of ruins the competition if the goal of a KOM is unattainable. I find myself riding against other regular riders for top times for the year. But then I can't see that info in my segments. I have to navigate to a segment to see it. Also, all of the columns in the my segments page should be sortable so I can rank them by, for example: my time, KOM time, average grade, distance, goal time, rank for best time of year, etc.

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  • Jason Lamoreaux
    That's not completely accurate.  There are two primary sports - cycling and running.  When I change my activity to "handcycle" it does not change my leaderboard.  it lumps me in with all of you super fast able body athletes. Perhaps there is something I am missing?  I actually just created a new topic on this so that athletes with disabilities (handcycle & Wheelchair) have our own leaderboard to separate us from you guys.  I love competition as much as the other guy but I will never be as fast as the top performers here using my arms to pedal a bike.  its physiologically impossible.

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  • I would absolutely love to see separate segment categories for Class 1 E bikes and Class 3 E bikes. 

    I have created tons of segments in my local area and push myself to do my best every ride. However, because there is no separation between class 1 and class 3 E bikes, some people always have a pretty substantial advantage over me.

    I ride a class 1 EMTB, which gives assist up to 20 MPH. Another person that competes on my segments rides a class 3, and is beating some of my max effort segments by over a minute, despite having a relaxed heart rate. 

    This is important to me because segments help me push myself. I'm always looking to be just a little bit better than my last ride. 

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