Strava Community Discussion Guidelines

Welcome to Strava’s Community Discussions. 

The goals of this community are to help athletes deepen their knowledge of the Strava product, foster peer-to-peer support and encourage thoughtful conversation of feature improvements. 

Please help us keep the community a safe and welcoming place for all members and abide by our community guidelines. Remember that your use of Strava Community Discussions is subject to the following guidelines and the Strava Terms of Service, including the Strava Community Standards


Community Expectations

Strava is a global community of many types of people and we expect our athletes to be respectful and constructive when interacting with one another. We encourage you to ask questions, share helpful information and provide feedback on the Strava product. 

We ask that you practice common sense and good judgment when interacting within Strava Community Discussions. Please do not share your or anyone else’s personal contact information such as a home address, phone number, or email. If you need to share this information with us, please use the information here to contact our Technical Support team.

In order to create a positive and engaging environment any insults, threats or harassment are prohibited. Strava may, in its sole discretion, remove any content that violates our Terms of Service or is otherwise objectionable, including the following


  • Spam and other forms of solicitation, including self-promotion. 
  • Personal attacks or any content that is not respectful of others.
  • Racism, sexism, and other discrimination.
  • Cross-posting or veering off topic. We ask that you stay on topic and refrain from making comments that deviate from the topic being discussed.


Community Forum Tips

There are several ways you can engage with Strava Community Discussion. 

  • Visit our new Community Forum home page and browse our list of open topics to find the category relating to your feedback. Make a comment on the topic to engage in the conversation. You can edit or delete your comments after posting by clicking the settings icon underneath the downvote button.
  • If you don’t see the feature or topic you’re looking for, we have created a post for suggested topics. Please take a look and upvote/add your feedback on what you'd like to see as a new discussion. We can't approve everything, and we do want to be thoughtful by adding threads at a sustainable pace, but we are here to listen and will take the time to read each new comment.
  • Check out our Known Issues section to stay up to date with current bugs/ issues.
  • To receive assistance with, or to ask a question about our product, please first search our Help Center for the related article. If you do not find what you are looking for and you have a question regarding your personal Strava account, please send our team a support ticket here.



We may need to change these guidelines from time to time in order to support our goals of fostering peer-to-peer support and promoting thoughtful conversations. You can always find the latest version of our guidelines posted here. 


In closing

We value your input. Your comments, posts, and feature discussions are key in helping us explore ideas that are not part of our product roadmap, and can help us prioritize our future work. Depending on the content you have submitted in our Community Forums, we may refer you to contact us directly for further support, or we may reach out to you privately if we feel that is a better place to gather your feedback. 

One thing to remember: just because something is popular doesn't mean it will be implemented. Our forums are just one component of our decision-making process. Please understand that you may not hear back from us, and we may not decide to use your feedback. 

While Strava Community moderators may contribute to forums on occasion it should not be expected that regular product updates will be provided.



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