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    First of all thanks for respecting my wisch on privacy.    BUT 😊. Please make it possible to set this by default, or integrate this checkbox in the activity menue like the oscillating checkbox. Thi...

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    Hi, this is a requested feature from february 2014. Your answer ist from last years june. Since last years may the fines and penalties of the GDPR are "active".  What do you think how long will it ...

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    Within clubs it supports competitive thinking between members. It promotes the desire for new ways and routes and to achieve new "records" there. The motivation to get on the bike increases. Mutual...

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    Weekly Award Score

    How would a week be "score value" that results from a small simple calculation. personal records:Bronze: 1 pointSilver: 2 pointsGold: 3 points TOP-10 placement:5 points COM/QOM/CR:10 points

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  • A B creó una publicación,

    Segments for club members

    There is a notice to only make segments public if they are interesting for "many" cyclists or if there are no similar segments. We would like to generate a special segment for Club internally, only...

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    Segment Comparison in Clubs

    Hello, there is a possibility to define further comparisons internally and to show them to the club members in your statistics. for example: Segment A: 1. club member 5 04:26 min 2nd club member 8 ...

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