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  • John FitzGerald hizo un comentario,

    Strava's run changes are finally getting some much needed negative press: http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2013/07/cutting-removing-functionality.html Hopefully this will help push Strava to reinstate al...

  • John FitzGerald hizo un comentario,

    Based on the number of "improvements" we've seen in the month since this was rolled out, and the number of problems that we've all reported, it could be 6-12  months before Strava Run is back to wh...

  • John FitzGerald hizo un comentario,

    Agree with everyone else - this is worse in every dimension. Less functionality, less performance, less usability. The graph is useless now. Can't zoom. Very slow. Defaults to GAP (mostly useless) ...