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  • Franz Kelsch hizo un comentario,

    I made a post on Strava telling people that follow me how to disable those annoying Wahoo Element links.  Problem is they have to do it, you can't turn them off for other people.  Maybe if the word...

  • Franz Kelsch hizo un comentario,

    This topic has been discussed for years now on this forum and it is obvious that Strava is not going to do anything about it.  It would be quite simple if all they did was to allow the in the gear ...

  • Franz Kelsch hizo un comentario,

    It is not an issue of the KOM as it might be of the QOM.  On the tandem, my wife has been able to get several QOMs on the tandem that she would have received if she was on her single bike.  Tandem ...

  • Franz Kelsch hizo un comentario,

    My wife ends up getting a lot of QOMs that she might not otherwise get because there is no tandem option.  She has a premium account, as I do, so we don't want to setup a 3rd account just for the t...