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  • Make data padding optional

    I did a silly thing today and paused the Garmin at stop lights, did it so my tracked NP and Avg wouldnt get impacted.  Anyhow I forgot to restart it several times and Strava padded the numbers in f...

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  • Support share option of png

    In order to post rides to forums using the Embed on Blog feature the forum or site must support html.  To be able to share the rides on those sites that do not support html it would be great to ren...

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  • Feedback for the Flyby feature

    http://labs.strava.com/flyby/ Move check boxes for rider from table on the left to be on the actual rider themselves.  As it is right now it is clunky to find the person and then scroll through a l...

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  • Strava should suggest similar cyclists to connect with

    Use the activity playback feature to find people you often overlap.  Use the segment boards to find people you often ride the same roads as.  Use your placing on the leaderboards to find people app...

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    Import GPX files as a Strava Route

    Lots of routes built on the sites, would like to import to route builder section and not recreate them all.

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  • route builder - organize by folders

    To be able to organize by like road vs dirt or hill vs flat vs intervals etc

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