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  • Allan Sanderson hizo un comentario,

    "The solution is simply to import to runkeeper, edit distance and time, export to gpx and then import to strava! :)" Is that going to keep all my heart rate data? All other gpx exports I've used ...

  • Allan Sanderson hizo un comentario,

    @Bradley, thanks for the reply, but as you don't seem to work for Strava you don't actually know.    As a developer myself, I know there might be all sorts of reasons why this is technically hard. ...

  • Allan Sanderson hizo un comentario,

    Hi @Elle   You keep suggesting we can make a manual entry.  This does not solve most of our problems; I will try to be concise and clear: Many of us use GPS and Heart Rate trackers.  The data these...

  • Allan Sanderson hizo un comentario,

    This is the one feature that I am lacking which is stopping me from upgrading to a premium member.  I currently can do all my riding activities in Strava, but have to go back to using Garmin Connec...

  • Allan Sanderson hizo un comentario,

    I think I also have a similar problem.  I ran on my treadmill and recorded my heart rate on my Garmin.  When I uploaded the activity, everything is there except for the distance. I can see how allo...