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  • Kyouhei Ohno 🇯🇵 creó una publicación,

    Multiple FTP setting per sports

    Does Strava use FTP for only bike activities or also running activities? If latter can we add multiple FTP numbers per sports? I believe our bike FTP and running FTP are different.

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  • Kyouhei Ohno 🇯🇵 hizo un comentario,

    Hey Strava, the new route builder beta on the app is awesome, and we need this feature more if we start creating routes more. Please implement this.

  • Kyouhei Ohno 🇯🇵 creó una publicación,

    QR code support

    Having the QR code function as Twitter/Facebook do to follow users or to join a group seems good. When we meet new runners who don't use Strava, this function can lead them to Strava more easily. P...

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  • Kyouhei Ohno 🇯🇵 hizo un comentario,

    Not sure why Strava doesn't allow users to add more custom tags/types? Is this technically difficult? I don't think so. Custom tags/types don't have to be shared by other users, only my own custom ...