Expanded Running Best Efforts (8K, 15K, 10 Mile, 20k, etc.)

I recently raced a local 10 miler this past weekend and wanted to see how my result compared to my PR. I was unable to directly find what my best effort was at the 10 mile distance. The only distances listed are 1k, 1 Mile, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, and marathon.

Can you please add other distances (e.g., 8K, 15K, 10 Mile, 20K, or even longest runs recorded or greatest elevation gain in a single run) so it's easier to identify personal records?



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  • not only that. I would love to see not only my PR for a certain distance like 10k, HM or else. Also an overview about top 5 or so would be great.


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  • Would love this...

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