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I've started to notice that people Kudos anything and everything.

I think this is more about acknowledging someones efforts and their ride, and that they have registered it, than the fact they think it deserves a 'kudos', which for me at least, is for a serious effort.

I'm wondering if there needs to be a 'Super Kudos' or something similar that allows people to keep using the 'Kudos' button as acknowledgement, but allow greater scope to give serious praise to someone for a mighty effort.

  • Super Kudos should be able to have limitations put on it to stop it being abused? Ie if you are a pro member, based on toughness. Or some way to create an algorhythm that works on each person's own abilities and history.
  • Self imposed limitations, so you can say, Rides under 40km (miles) can't be given 'Super Kudos'. (preferred option)




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  • This idea could align well with today's notification that Strava is thinking of changing the filtering of activities so that great achievements don't get buried beneath mundane commutes.  Just like the current "Race" tag, Strava could add an option for you to tag your activity as "Special", or one that you were unusually "Proud" of.  And Super-Kudos would be the equivalent tag for the audience to use, say if someone has done a 400km ride but was too tired to upload it until 24hrs later.

    Then allow users to decide whether they want to prioritise these Special rides in their feed.  Many are too modest to tag things as Special themselves.  And while daily commutes aren't always newsworthy, sometimes they do include a special achievement on a segment you've ridden 300 times, or sometimes mates just want to give you a thumbs-up for plugging away through wind, rain and traffic.

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  • What about an 'Epic' option for when you are mightily impressed by someones efforts.

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  • Epic or Uber Kudos would be a great feature - or Double Thumbs up

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