Privacy control for intent-controlled activity logging (Android)

The Android intents which can be used to start and stop logging (,, and are fairly well-known (if not technically documented), and in addition can apparently be controlled with the "rideType" parameter to select a specific activity. Is it possible to also control privacy setting with a parameter, or, failing that, to force intent-controlled activity logging to conform to established privacy settings? I have my ride logging set to default to private, but intent-triggered rides (which I enable and disable with Tasker, which is why I use that particular feature) are always public.



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  • I agree that intent-initiated activities should conform to privacy settings. It's really odd that they don't.

    For technically-inclined users, you might look into using the Strava API to work around this. I've successfully set up a little python server that waits for a signal from Tasker (HTTP GET), and then updates the latest activity (just recorded and uploaded using Tasker intents) to set the commute and privacy flags.

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  • I noticed this problem too recently.

    To me this seems like a privacy bug: the privacy setting of the user is not respected, despite the help page explicitly says that the setting applies to *all* activities. 

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  • For me, the problem inverted sometime in the last month, with the update that added the "followers only" settings: whatever the default privacy setting is, Public, Followers Only or Private, the intent-triggered activities all upload as Private.

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