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We're releasing a slight change to our PR (personal record) achievements. Now, when you first attempt a new segment you will receive a PR. Before, this would only occur on the second attempt if you beat your PR.  

Let us know if you have feedback for us.



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  • Really not happy with the change.....i ran 21k last night all new segments and only received 5 trophies. I know this year I am travelling to do new runs....i will recieve no trophies for this... yet the likliehood of me returning to do those same segments is little to none......i really do not see the point in having strava now as my Garmin app would do exactly the same thing.......really dissapointed.

  • Debbie S - I understand your point, but you acknowledge that these trophies wouldn’t really be PR’s right?

  • I've got running and cycling activities on Strava, and I can totally understand where on the one hand, cyclists inundated with segment achievements, and on the other, runners like Debbie are coming from.  A friend of mine - an established runner - entered his first Strava activity recently - his fastest ever 5k - not a single trophy/medal.

    According to the below, segment achievemnents are awarded for outstanding performances:

    So, my question to Strava now is - how are you now justifying what is and isn't an "outstanding performance"?  Because doing it by factoring in whether someone has previously run/cycled the segment, I would suggest, ain't the way to do it.

    As I and someone else already said - perhaps this needs to be a user setting so people can try it and set it whichever way they prefer.

  • I feel to me....if i do a run, and it's a new area..ive set myself a record. It would of been my personal best at the time. If i go back and beat this time then i set myself a new PR. If i go back and I am slower, then the first time was my PR. .......even the explorer badge would be something.......To clock a new run or cycle and load up a blank strava is disheartening. One of the things that I enjoy about my running is getting back and loading up my little trophies. I know not everone sees it this way ...but this is how i use strava and I would pay premium if this feature was available. However for now the want to get out and try new runs is less appealing.

  • Debbie. Nobody is denying that there should be some acknowledgement of 'new' segments, but it shouldn't be using the PR trophy. As the first time you complete a segment is not a PR, it's a personal benchmark for future attempts.

  • PR is personal record compare with myself. I think should be give trophy for first attemp.

    Many time we can ride pass some segments not offen. Such as way in travel trip. We maybe travel at that place 1 time only.

  • I so hope that this thread is still active.   I've been a premium member for years and have commented on the age categories many times.  And I appreciate the progress.  But given that, I would suggest everyone 60+ spend some time looking at and understanding the clubs FEATURE OPTION.  It won't provide KOM or segment data but there are great stats to be looked at within the club criteria. If you are looking to be motivated by weekly mileage and weekly accent data, clubs are for you.

    I created the club "1947 Cyclists" so I could  see how far behind I was from my contemporaries.  And there are very view CLUBS named in this generation.  Jump in and have some fun.

  • I was so happy that this [incredibly dumb] "feature" was turned off.  Looks like it may have reared its ugly head again.  Could someone at Strava check to make sure this "feature" is still disabled?

  • Still OK for me. I uploaded a ride with some new segments a couple of hours ago, and got no unwanted trophies.  I had to reload the page to get the trophies that I actually did deserve, though

  • Why first PRs can't be awarded for the first attempt on a segment? It looks like you didn't achive or run anything!

    Should be! I know if it's the first one, naturally is a PR, but it's a PR anyway!!!

  • Dissapointing that you have changed this Strava

  • Would it be possible to bring it back for first attempts at distances only, and for segments the way it is now? Not getting a PR is a bit disappointing for people who run a (half) marathon for the first time.

  • Why would anyone want this? First ride over a segment is a baseline. If you want to set a personal record, go ride it again - faster - let’s call that a ‘real PR’. Getting a PR on first attempt just makes it hard to tell which segments you got a real PR on bs those that are just a ‘everybody gets a trophy participation award’ that’s all the vogue in kindergarten.

  • Can we just do the first time indicator please, so I know I've been on a new road? (Rather than wasting time implementing 'gnarly kudos') This obsession with 'too many' PRs still baffles me - if you did a race at a location for the first time and won, apparently that's kindergarten and you have to do it again to get 'PRs'???

  • Marc sinck they never gave out a PR for new distances. While I now agree with the majority that a PR should not be awarded on segments on first attempts. I do agree they should award a best efforts for new distances, like first time you do a marathon or such. But that is a different issue for a different thread.

  • Anthony, How does a *Personal* Record (PR) indicator indicate you won a race?   Sounds more like a different type of indicator as it would need to be limited to individuals who started the same ride within a relatively small time window on the same day.  If you mean the fastest ever, well, that's what the KOM indicates for each segment and if you are the fastest over a segment on your first attempt, you do get awarded the KOM.

    Derek,  I agree, that makes sense.  Best efforts for distances or elevation gains would be interesting, but certainly not a segment PR issue.

  • Anthony, you seriously need a Strava badge to know if you’ve been on a new road??? Isn’t that kind of obvious when you say to yourself: “huh, never been on this road before.” Do you need someone to tell you when you’ve tried a new food too??? SMDH.

  • Hahaha Kevin. I do pity folks who only do short rides in places with simple road systems! Look at a point in the UK, get a compass and draw a circle say 80km around that point. Would you remember every road in that area? Let alone every strange combination of roads that have somehow become a segment. Of course, this would be less of an issue if the PR showed up first time either, but trying to come up with a solution that actually considers other people. Maybe everyone could do the same?
    PS My point previously about winning races was not that Strava should record this, but to try and show how silly the attitude is that first time PRs are 'irrelevant'. They are no more relevant than any future attempt e.g. say you're in a group and got dragged along faster than normal - well done you? But hey, my approach would keep those folks happy too.

  • Kevin Craig, the idea of a new-road badge is more for others looking at your activity who may not have your entire history memorized, and perhaps for yourself when looking at the activity years later ("oh yeah, this is that time I first discovered that road....")

  • The ONLY reason I did not quit my Strava Pro account last year was that the folks who started this thread were successful in making Strava revert their "PR on first attempt" change. It was embarrassing to get Kudos or even comments just because I explored a lot of new terrain. And yes, if you are in a group ride you may set new PRs, but your summary will show other (Strava) riders so your friends (and you) can take that in to account.

    It may be relatively simple for Strava to show the number of 1st time segments in your summary or to include the count of your attempts in the segments table under your activity or highlight first attempts in an other way without (ab)using the PR feature.

    For everything you ever wanted to know about your Strava segments I strongly recommend Ben Lowe's : For every ride the segment overview shows # of attempts (including 1st), personal PR ranking, overall ranking, time behind Q/KOM, % behind PR, % behind Q/KOM and much more. (disclosure: I have no personal interest in veloviewer - just a very happy data-geek user).

    VeloViewer even has a special Explorer score that shows how many different tiles on a map you have crossed. The size of these tiles (~1.5x1.5 km) is geared more to cyclists than to runners, but is another great use of your Strava data.

  • I think there ought to be some middle ground here: as others suggested, perhaps an uncoloured first attempt marker. It seems daft to get a PB badge on your first attempt. But it seems equally daft to fail to beat your first attempt and get a second place medal, especially if you blitzed your first attempt and got nothing, and was supervising young children the second time you went through and got some credit. At the moment there is no quick distinction between a lacklustre performance and covering new ground- how do you decide whether kudos is due?

  • Ok guys.. I have a question for everyone.
    Say someone does a 20 or 40 mile ride for example. He or she comes across a hill and does the best she or he can on that day.. remembering it's a hill as part of a ride. He or she gets KOM or QOM.
    Now someone drives a bike to the bottom of that hill and pedals as hard as possible knowing that after the hill he or she can just come home, all this just to beat the time of the current KOM / QOM who did that hill as part of a ride of x amount of miles.

    Do you think an award should be given here?
    I personally don't think so and I'm not in favour of all this glory of KOM/ QOM stuff. .
    I'm ok with personal records cos that exactly what it is. Someone's PR.
    I think too many cups and crown just take real cycling away from what it really is.. a nice sport...keeps you fit.. loose weight and helps with no only your body but mentally too.

    All this glorification cups and stuff just goes to someone's heads and ruin everything.

    PR are enough. The rest it's just nonses

  • @Miguel D.: If you tthink non-PR trophies are nonsense then just ignore them. There you go, problem solved. No need to ruin the fun for those who like the challenge of climbing up the leaderboard. I think the scenario you complain about may happen, but is likely the exception more than the rule.

  • Welcome to competative sport mate! Sorry if you think it’s not fair. Look around nothing is🤣🤣

    Feeling down cause you cannot get a KOM?

    So sombody has more time to train than you. Sombody else is a better sprinter? That other person is a PRO!

    What do you want them all to do level the playing feild ? Ride bikes made of pigiron?

    Then why have pr’s either? You know you got one once when you’d just had an expresso and there was a tail wind! Is that really fair on yourself today? When you have a puncture and a cold?

    But simply put if your view of cycling is just for air snd jollies. Why are you moaning about KOM’s anywsy?

  • It’s pretty crazy to me that I just ran a marathon (probably for the only time) and Strava doesn’t give me a “record” or recognition of any kind for it. Too bad!

  • Awww diddums! Did they give you a participation medal? Wear it to the market so you can tell perfect strangers you did a thing, a lot like this post!

    Strava gives out ‘medals’ for distances run climbedd and ridden etc. Sign up for one of those next timr.

    Why arn’t you doing another? Scared you’ll be slower 😝

  • Is this you?

    Strava does recognise it. Look in your "All Time PRs"
    Marathon 2:35:10

  • One thing I love about Strava is the encouragement people are able to give each other. At times this forum seem to be less positive. I agree with @lawrence that @Matthew's point seems a bit silly (I hated the idea of Strava's first-time achievement medals) but @Matthew clearly feels that he's been short changed.

    So, here's my suggestion based on Matthew's point: we all have different goals and what one person can do every day, another may only aspire to do once in a lifetime. I think it would be great if Strava allowed users to set their own arbitrary public-facing goals so that their network can see when they've achieved something meaningful to themselves. For example Matthew can put "Run a marathon" in the public domain as a target. Then when he achieves it, he gets a medal and everyone in his network can jump in and give him Kudos. Another user can put "run an ultra every day for a year" as a target and when they achieve that, everyone can pile in and give them suitable kudos.

    I'm sure people like @lawrence will say that people can "game" the system and put up "pathetic" goals like "walk 100 metres". Imagine if that person is recovering from back surgery. Even if people do consistently put up goals that don't require much effort, what's the harm? If it motivates them to get out then great. Acquaintances will unfollow and real friends will support them by giving kudos.

  • Hey Laurence. Thanks. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, are you still an insufferable jerk?

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