Show the Activity description in the comment window

When you save an activity, you can give it a title and add a description.

In former versions of the app, everyone could see this description in the comments view. Since this view has been completely redesigned, the description is not shown any more and I couldn't find any other way to see this description (except by editing the activity but this is of course only worth for my own activities...).

I consider this as a bug and I'd like to have it corrected.

Thanks in advance.



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    Thanks for this feedback, I hope we can make the Activity description more prominent in the future. 

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  • Tap on the title, and a new view will open with the description. I still think it's a problem that they don't show at least some of the description in the scrolling feed view. Anything put there will most likely never be seen by followers who don't individually inspect each activity; on the web and on Android. This leads to people writing whole paragraphs for their activity title.

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  • I agree with you Craig. And this is what I actually do ! Maybe not write full paragraphs for my activities titles but at least giving my thoughts instead of the actual activity title.

    Maybe I'll think about submitting a feature request for this !

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  • I came here to post the same feedback. What's the point of typing a description if nobody can see it? I can see other runners making very long titles as a workaround.

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  • Please add it to main view, I always use description because title is too short to say anything

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  • In the mobile version of the app, it shows the description with the title.

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