Best estimated efforts - 5 miles?

Why is it that there's a Best Estimated Efforts for 1/2 mile, 1 mile and 2 miles, then the next one jumps all the way up to 10 miles? Surely there needs to be one for 5 miles as well. As someone who has only just started doing longer runs of over 5 miles, that would be very useful for me.



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  • Veloviewer has something like that for cyclists where you can choose any time or distance for comparison. It should work for running as well as it's only using the gps. It doesn't really matter how it was created. You do have to pay for it though but it is a lot cheaper and better than premium.

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  • Agree. 5 miles is an important distance to track PR & Best Efforts. In the UK it is a very popular distance for road, trail and cross country running.

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