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Would like to be able to sort activities by "Gear", i.e. bikes. This will allow me to see all activities associated with each bike and edit the rides to correct the bike if an error was made. As it stands now, I have to edit every single activity just to see which bike was ridden and then search hundreds of records until I find the one/bike I'm looking for.



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  • Minimally, include the bike or gear in the activity .CSV file we can download.  There we can easily filter on the bike.


    Maximally, for premium members, allow heatmaps to be generated based on the bike, or bikes, selected at time of generation.

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  • Yes please. My workaround is to Write the bike in the Name of the activity. Also Filter by Date of a Segment. Would help to find the activity easier!

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  • Elle & Mark Shaw!,

    [this is posted to the common threads on same topic]


    It would be really useful if you could address the specific idea of properly using Ride *Subtype*. People get hung up about having a MTB vs Road category - which is sort of a red-herring - and also wouldn't be that useful (overall).

    by keeping *Ride* for all things cycling (one 1 to many wheels), lying, sitting, standing etc - you have a common baseline / superset for all leaderboards and clubs (by default).

    Then you add filters to leaderboards and to clubs for Ride *Sub-type* - this can be any of a number of things - Road, MTB, Unicycle, Trike, HPV, Recumbent, Elliptical.

    When you upload a ride you either select sub-type directly - or link it to a value associated with your gear selection. 

    That's it. Don't worry about segment categorisation - anyone who rides it gets logged with their ride sub-type which can then be used to filter leaderboard.

    One *nice* thing to do though would make it so that you can have multiple places on the leaderboard depending on the subtype - that is fair - its nice to see how fast you got up a ride on your MTB vs your road-bike - you don't have to add this - you could still figure it out by filtering - all your rides are still in there.

    This would also stop people creating multiple accounts for the different bikes they ride (I know lots of people who do this so they don't mess up particular bike club data which is only for one type of bike).

    I'm going to repost to the other common threads.



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  • Couldn't agree more.  I am keen to see which runs I've done in certain shoes, and also show which rides I've done on which bike.  There's no way to do this, afaik.  Surely it would be easy to implement, as the data is in there...?


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  • I have older road bikes and a new bike all of different weight. I would like to compare the bikes over same rides to see if the bike weight has had any impact. 

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  • Totally.  I love the local guys on tri-bikes but it totally muddies up any ability to know where you stand athletically and in your fitness.   Please include a sub-category for tri-bikes (as well as the others such as velomobiles) so we can really know where we stand in segments, which is what inspires us to strive - what Strava is all about, right? 

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  • I commute throughout the year on different bikes (basically Summer and Winter). It would be really interesting to see my performance on segments filtered by bike/equipment.

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  • I agree with the need for this feature.  I ride a number of bikes and it would be useful to understand which bike format provides the best performance - especially segment and power data.

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  • FYI, This feature has been added to My Activities. A team member posted on it in the following thread that Strava added more robust filters and "You can filter by commute, by private activities, by gear (bike type, shoes), by run type and ride type. ".

    It took me a while to find it, but the trick is you need to pick the run/ride type first. Then it gives you a gear choice based on that run/ride type

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  • Poking an old tread, but why is this available on the website and not on the app?

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  • Still no proper use of Sub-Type:

    Here's a common discussion I have:

    Strava need to use the Sub-Type field. We would be Riding->Elliptical then we could filter ourselves easily on any leaderboard for any segment and set the club to be that Sub-Type only so you could road ride or MTB on Strava and it wouldn't effect anything on club leaderboards. I have written about this extensively in the past and have some suggestions on the Strava forums that have been up there for years with no action from Strava yet. Even moaned to the Strava CTO when he visited my office...

    >>What was their CTO's reason for not implementing it?

    ...well he said his people would look into it but it's a classic change management situation - they have 40 million users, 8 million activities per day so they are super conservative on any change. I think the sub type change could be done with complete backwards compatibility. By default everyone who has a 'ride' gets road Sub-Type. You then have option of running a new Sub-Type generator for old rides based on gear - where your gear can be assigned a Sub-Type (road by default). So if you make your Specialized Rockhopper a 'MTB' suddenly all your old rides with that bike then get Sub-Type of MTB (and any new ones that you have that gear set to default)  - so all those people moaning for their own categorized MTB segments etc suddendly can filter on the Sub-Type for a segment and see only MTBs. The beauty of this is it doesn't change the underlying ride data. IT WOULD  change the UI both on mobile and web. But there has been 1000's of people asking for road vs MTB for 6+ years and this way they can actually do it in a generic fashion which other bike types can also benefit from (or for that matter any activity with subtypes). I've posted all this many times but no progress from Strava that I'm aware of

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