Support Tandem Cycling on Strava

This could include support for Tandem cycling, with ways to account for two people riding a tandem on Strava, with unique features to support this and a designated Tandem leaderboard for segments. 



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  • I agree, this would be very helpful as a lot of my riding is done on a tandem and it would nice to see how we compare with other tandem rider. Cheers. Karl

  • I'd like to be able to compare how I do on segments and rides with vs without my stoker.

  • That would be terrific. My wife and I ONLY ride a tandem.

  • It would be nice to have a category for tandem.  Instead of just male/female.   Comparing your tandem climb times vs. invdividuals is not very useful.

  • I ride a road, a mountain bike & a road tandem. Would be great to be able to break out road tandem separately (there are people out there doing mountain tandeming too.)

  • I don't have a tandem, but my friend and I were joking today about getting one and seeing how we would do on the local flat segments. I think it would be awesome!!! Probably not enough riders out there to make it worth while, but still think it would be awesome to see!!!

  • I've brought this up before, but Strava isn't exactly interested.  Changing the athlete profile to construct a team involving two athletes would require intensive coding, apparently.  The tandem market is too small for Strava to bother.

    Strava might become more interested if tandem teams started accounts under the name of the female stoker, indicating female on the check box (there not being an option for mixed team)..  Then tandem team goes out and racks all sorts of  QOM's.  The deposed QOMs contact Strava to complain.  *Then* Strava cares about tandems, and creates the category to sooth the ruffled female single bike riding feathers.

  • My wife ends up getting a lot of QOMs that she might not otherwise get because there is no tandem option.  She has a premium account, as I do, so we don't want to setup a 3rd account just for the tandem.

  • My wife will log tandem rides, but then marks them as private to avoid taking QOMs. Otherwise it would suck not only for the current QOM, but also for my wife if she ever wanted to get a PR while riding solo.

    Unfortunately marking it private pretty much makes the ride a waste, so she's not all that inclined to record tandem rides now.

  • I'd like to see this implemented by marking a bike as a tandem in bike profiles and be treated as a group ride for power estimates.

    As for leader boards, the advantages of riding a tandem are similar to riding in a pace line so until Strava differentiates between group and solo efforts in leader boards so I suggest its ok to take a KOM or QOM on a tandem.


  • My girlfriend and I ride a tandem from time to time. I don't understand the KOM/QOM concern as most tandems will not be as fast as existing KOM/QOM times. On flat segments it could be an entirely different matter.

  • It is not an issue of the KOM as it might be of the QOM.  On the tandem, my wife has been able to get several QOMs on the tandem that she would have received if she was on her single bike.  Tandem climb times tend to be somewhat between what the two riders could do on single bikes so although the strong climber might get a slower time, the slow rider will get a faster time than they can do alone making the whole KOM/QOM meaningless.  Also not all Strava segments are steep climbs.

  • My husband and I ride tandem only occasionally but when we do we always designate it as a tandem ride in the ride profile, since there's no separate tandem category on the leaderboards.  The downhill KOMs and QOMs are a piece of cake on a tandem with two willing participants, and I always feel bad for taking them on the tandem.  I also REALLY feel bad when a woman takes my deserved QOM, which I would have even on my single, and it's obvious she was on a tandem.  Having a separate category for tandems would only be fair! 

  • My wife and I ride on our tandem regularly and being able to log rides as a tandem would be great.  Come on Strave get on board and support the whole cycling community.

  • As a new tandem rider I sure would to have a tandem category. Or allow bike weights over 50kgs so we could at least account for the proper amount of weight.
  • Until there's a tandem category I think it's only appropriate to list the bike at 1/2 its weight.  At least I HOPE you're not doing all the work!

  • That would be great!

  • There definitely needs to be a tandem category. Also, categories for single-speed and fixed would be nice.

  • It would be nice to have some way of designating a tandem so the power calculations were a little more accurate (not that we care too much, but they are useful for comparison when we're comparing our own times on particular climbs).

    Some of the website is pretty difficult to navigate for vision impaired people - the rider versus rider comparisons are terrific if you're sighted but the raw data in a format that can be read by a screen reader would be pretty handy.

  • Well I see that I am not alone on this. Today we are too slow as a team to bag any KOMs in my neighborhood but are improving rapidly. I see that 50kg is the max for bike weight explaining the seriously low power numbers I have been seeing as I set my tandem weight as the bike plus stoker weight which is apparently over the max allowed. Should they raise the max then my bike+stoker weight of 175 lbs should give more like what I believe the team is producing in power. A separate tandem category would be fair, maybe, and accurate as I will probably never produce 400 watts for any length of time besides sprints. Until then it will be fun taking them all(KOMs) once we drop the Winter weight and get our legs/cardio back in shape.

  • Surely the appropriate tandem weight should be ((bike + captain + stoker) / 2) - your weight? (Assuming you're doing roughly equal amounts of work).

    It would be great to have a tandem catgegory, though I can see strava seeing it as a complex sitution.  As a blind user, the ability to tablulate (or even export) data on rides would be useful as well.

  • I just saw a male/female tandem team come through my area and crush all the downhill KOM/QOMs.  They really need their own designation.  I especially feel bad for all the dosplaced QOMs.

  • hey Mark, are you talking about us?  Tandem leaderboards would be nice.  Someone must be upset from loosing a KOM/QOM because our ride has been flagged.  Is that fair?   see

  • We use Strava to check our own progress and performance rather than seeking KOMs/QOMs. I think all tandem riders are not seeking to take KOMs and QOMs from single riders, but Stava does not allow people to opt out of this feature, at least I cannot find it. However, I suggest that tandem rides would like to have their own category and leader board, as I think we sometimes like to see how we compare to others. What I do find interesting/concerning, is that Strava has been mute on this topic and offered no comment. So come on Strave, what are you thinking?
  • Hi Keith, it's a tough one I think for Strava to address.  I like the category approach but I wonder if there would be enough tandem rides to make it interesting enough.  But, as Peter says, it may still be good to at least track their own performance.  Looks like a great ride!

  • My wife and I ride a tandem, I'm on Strava, she's not, I've logged about 800km on the tandem and 13000km solo. KOM hunting is all the rage here with riders heading out on days of 50km/h + winds battling into headwinds for a hour to have a crack at a sub-minute hill sprint. Likewise, pace lines attacking a segment. Drafting buses is considered cheating but pretty much anything else goes. It's a long way short of official world record rules. I can see some injustice with QOMs being awarded to a male/female tandem team but to my mind the KOM is an open competition and belongs to the fastest human powered bike along a segment regardless of whether it's UCI approved. That said I'd like to see a different icon along side my tandem runs if only so I can compare my own solo vs tandem efforts.
  • Here's another vote for tandem support :) Just a box to tick on a ride to say that it's a tandem ride would be fine, and it could be recorded as an activity of on one or both riders (if both use Strava). Then there could be a seperate leader board just as there is currently for male and female.

  • Here's how to make tandems work at Strava, and Strava work for tandems:

    • Start a separate Strava account for your tandem team a different email address.  Include the word tandem in the team title.
    • For 'gender' in settings, the choice is Male,Female,and Rather Not Say.  Rather Not Say avoids dethroned-QOM pique, however QOM pique is the most effective prod for Strava to accommodate tandems.   Make your own call.
    • Continue your single account, and load both single and tandem rides into the single account.  Identify the rides as 'tandem' in the single account title.
    • Keep your tandem account exclusively for tandem rides.  
    • Join   the 54-strong <a href=" "> Strava Tandem Club </a>,.  See what other tandems are doing, and find other tandem teams nearby.
    • On segments, there is a box on the left for your clubs, one will be marked Tandems for members of the Tandem Club.  As more tandems teams  register, and join Strava Tandems, this will be a way to compare times.
    • Encourage other tandems teams you know to join Strava and Strava  tandems. 
    • Tandems will gain more standing at Strava to promote tandem accommodation identified as tandem teams and gathered in a club.  Eventually Strava might be moved to throw tandems a checkbox. ;-)
  • You really should make tandems a checkbox.  On each ride that I do, many of the "gold" awards are given to the tandem riders, leaving all of the individual riders at a disadvantage.  I think on the leader board section, it should be men, women, tandems to reinforce the segmentation for tandem riders.  I also agree with many of the comments.  My friends who ride tandems really want to see their times compared to other tandem riders.  Thank you.

  • Even if Strava doesn't want to make a category for tandems, they really, really need to get rid of the silly 25 kg limit for bike weight.

    We post to a separate account for our tandem team, with "tandem" in the account name. We use our team weight for "Weight" in our profile. It'll accept a 133 kg rider, why won't it accept a bike weight of over 25 kg? Our normal sport tandem weight is under 25 kg, but when we tour, it's obviously over that.

    Touring cyclists are also punished by this arbitrary limit.

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