Add better support for Swim data to Strava

I am thinking about buying a Garmin Swim, but it is pretty useful if it cannot upload it's data to Strava. Is there a possibility that Garmin Swim will be supported?



Strava Support edit: Although Strava currently accepts Swim data from Garmin devices, this forum can still be used to collect feedback on improvements we can make to allow swim data to be more useful and better displayed on Strava, for both swim metrics and swim activity data. Thanks for your feedback! 



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    If you have a spare minute, we're doing some research to better understand the needs of swimmers on Strava and how we are not meeting them. Pass along your feedback here, and we'll work it into our ongoing project. 



  • I agree.  Please add.

  • Agreed! I would like to upload my swim data!

  • Cool, please "like/useful" this message, so it gets more attention of other users and the Strava crew!

  • Very useful indeed.

  • I have a Garmin 910 and would like to add my indoor swims to Strava.  Also it would be great if we could have an option to track the swim just like we do rides and runs on our profile.  

  • I seventh the motion! Please add the ability to log swims!

  • ditto!

  • i agree. i want to be able to upload my indoor swims recorded on my 910xt

  • Please add a swim option for both pool and open water so I can record all the swims I'm doing with my Garmin 910XT!  

  • Lack of swim data will be the only reason I don't re-up on my premo membership. 

  • Agree with Dan.

  • I have been able to upload both pool swims and open water swims from my Garmin 910 in the past, but now strava isn't picking them up? Can this be sorted please?

  • Seems to treat swim data as ride from my 910xt since the site update yesterday.  Can't change the activity even though Strava goes through the motions it stays as a ride

  • It would never automatically upload for me, but I used to be able to export from garmin connect as TCX and import that file into Strava. I can still do that, but cannot change the activity type from "Run" (my default) to "swim". 

    Quite annoying. My last swim that I was able to mark as a swim was on 9/30/12. Sometime between then and 10/25 (my next swim...lazy) that feature broke.

    Please fix it.

  • same problem...can't upload swim data. have to download & then upload the file but can't change to swim type

  • It seems like I can no longer change activity types at all. Run > Bike also does not work. 

    This may be good news since it is a larger problem and more likely to affect more people. Therefore, more complaints should elicit a quicker fix. Unfortunately, I doubt they are as interested in fixing the ability to autoupload swim data...

  • agreed!  i added an outdoor swim on 10/27/12, but now i can't change the bike to swim!  please fix!

  • to clarify.  the swim i did today 11/5/12 indoors was the data i had to export from garmin as tpx and then couldn't switch to swim...

  • what do you expect tri-athletes to do?  just ignore 1/3rd of their life?

  • Yep, definitely need swim data ASAP please. Having to use both Garmin Connect and Strava at the moment, with preference being Strava.

  • I started to use good old Excel to make an analysis page for myself. Hope to see Strava implementing Swimming soon!

    Dissappointing is the fact that they didn't react on this topic...

  • I couldn't change the activity type to swim either until i tried ticking the 'stationary trainer' checkbox -  i wish i had an endless pool but sadly i don't!!  This allows the imported TCX to be saved as a swim.  I'll add my vote to Strava supporting pool and open water data - i'd much rather use Strava than Connect and would pay for premium but not until there is more functionality for triathlon

  • Ben Turner: Nice find! It works the same for me. You can then change it again to a normal (non-trainer) swim. 

    To recap:

    For bike and runs: easily uploads from garmin.

    For Swim: 

    1) export from garmin connect as TCX

    2) upload to strava

    3) change activity type to swim with the trainer box ticked

    4) change activity to normal swim, unticking the trainer box.


    This is pretty ridiculous, but at least it is workable. Hopefully, they will soon add better support for swims and a unified activity for multisport.

  • I agree it is ridiculous. Please just fix the app
  • I just upgraded tp premium thinking that would fix the problem... I was stupid!

    Not happy.

  • Just came home from my morning swim...with my new Garmin Swim...bummer that it didn't work with strava...I guess I have to go back to Garmin Connect...

  • Yes, it took me a while to figure out that my swims weren't being counted. As far as I'm concerned, if Strava doesn't count it, then I didn't do it!! Kidding of course, well sort of....

  • Just bought the Garmin swim, we NEED it to be supported on Strava!

  • YES PLEASE!! Add swim activity upload support for indoor and outdoor. As mentionned by someone earlier, we can't ignore 1/3 of our lives.


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