Add better support for Swim data to Strava

I am thinking about buying a Garmin Swim, but it is pretty useful if it cannot upload it's data to Strava. Is there a possibility that Garmin Swim will be supported?



Strava Support edit: Although Strava currently accepts Swim data from Garmin devices, this forum can still be used to collect feedback on improvements we can make to allow swim data to be more useful and better displayed on Strava, for both swim metrics and swim activity data. Thanks for your feedback! 



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  • FYI: I uploaded my lap swim from Movescout via a FIT file as usual today and was happy to finally see a nice table with fine-grain information about each lap. Nice. Thanks!

  • +1

  • +1.

  • Any integration with

  • uploading swimming from garmin swim via garmin online service works more or less. what i miss enormously is swim section on the welcome screen in both web interface and androd app. please?

  • I frickin'g lost my hope on this! No Strava reply, no comments, nothing from Strava to even discuss. Just say you are not gonna do it. And lets close this subject. All it takes is to get together for 30 mins and decide what Strava will do and share with your loyal customers and fans. Why is this so difficult. Or say this is not what we are thinking to do, until this time...etc. Just a little information. To ignore all these requests and not even commenting is damaging the perspective I have to Strava. 

  • I'd love to see a swim section within the stats screen. Would make it a perfect triathlon app and something I'd pay for!
  • I'd like to see the ability to track swim achievements even if they are manually entered.  Not everything has to be tracked with a GPS-enable device!  This would enable swimmers to track best times for certain distances, e.g., 1500 meters, 1.2 miles, 2.4 miles etc and also set it up where we could initiate triathlon challenges!


  • In the Manual Activity Entry, when the Activity chosen is Swim, can the Distance Units default to Yards or Meters?  Can preferred Distance Units  by Activity be added to the Display Preferences Setting? It would be nice to default Miles/KM for Cycling/Running/XC Skiing/etc., or Yards/Meters for Swimming

    At the very least, it would ease data entry if the Distance Units Drop-Down List Box would drop down to a selected Distance Unit based on a character input ( y/Y = yards, m = meters, M = Miles, k/K = KM)

    Also, does the Garmin Swim understand when you are doing a Kick set??? How about one-arm Free/Fly drills?

  • 2 Bill Canilang

    "Also, does the Garmin Swim understand when you are doing a Kick set??? How about one-arm Free/Fly drills?"garmin swim _does_ drills but _doesn't understand_ them. what this means is the drill mode is there exactly for when you're not doing something garmin swim can log correctly: it will just log time then let _you_ specify the distance and that's it.

  • Are there any plans to enable swim uploads from Pebble watches?
  • I'd like to add my support for better swimming functions!

    It's so frustrating that I name my swims in Garmin connect and when they are uploaded to Strava all that appears is the date that I swam. This does little for me to be able to monitor my weekly training. 

    Triathlon is the world's fasted growing sport - Strava, get on it!!

  • How come I can't check out my pace of my swim on strava? And why isn't swimming distance included in the weekly distances?? GET ON IT STRAVA. Only reason I use garmin connect.

  • I agree Strava!  I love using it for my rides and runs, and I've just bought a Garmin Swim and it would be great if all the metrics it records could be integrated in the activity log (strokes per min, strokes per length, calories burned etc).

  • Also, the Garmin swim can detect which stroke you're doing, but the Stats on Strava only give you the intervals, not the stroke type?

  • I don't have a GPS that can track my swim. I'd ideally like integration with Swimtag, which provides data at my local pool:

    Failing that, I'd like to be able to upload Swimovate Poolmate data. It's not so good, as it doesn't give such fine-grained data as swimtag does.

  • Its been mentioned before, so just to reiterate: I would also like to see Swimming in Strava on par with Cycling and Running. Year to Date totals, fastest swim times 1k, 2k etc. Thanks! 

  • Training in indoor pools obliges us to create a manual log and I experienced some errors. The distance field is set to record the mrasurements in miles/km by default. For this type of activity it makes more sense show as a default the distance units in yards/meters. I happened to log some 5% of my 2014 swimming log with 999,999km in a hour (hell yeah I want to reach that performance, but it is just not the case yet LOL) and thi small change would prevent this mistake to happen.

  • +1 for swimtag

  • Swim support is woefully inadequate... that's a little disappointing.

  • Please improve functionality to swim setting and SUP setting.
    Fantastic app though JB
  • Swimming support is so LACKING currently.  Please support swimming.  It's a major sport.  Minor things such as swimming hours and swimming activity count is not even part of the weekly activity report on the athlete profile page!

  • I've been following this thread for years. We need to accept that Strava just doesn't care. They are unwilling to fix the issue with properly supporting a swim feature and it will not be long before they are replaced with a company that actually provides the features that their consumers desire.

    So far Garmin Connect is gaining ground fast on Strava and we are not far away from when I stop using Strava.

    With all the promise Strava had in the beginning they have rested on their accomplishments and have stagnated as a company. It's quite sad and I am disappointed in the lack of progress to their product over the years.

    The fact that a represenitive of Strava has not commented on this thread in a long time shows their commitment to ignore the triathletes and swimmers that use their website.
  • +1 for swim tracking
  • Swim HR data is now supported by some strava compliant devices including the Suunto Ambit3; the swim HR data should reflect on the will help in overall training and monitoring, especially on days there is a LOT of swimming and no cycling!

  • Please add to Strava functionality so that swimming time is included in weekly totals. Strava could be the perfect triathlete's tool if swimming was on equal footing with running and cycling. Please fix this.

  • Add me to this, it is definitively a missing feature, goals, distance swam, challenges, all of it, why is Swimming always left out by the biggest Sport tracking websites and apps even when is such a popular sport and part of the triathlon??? I'll never understand 

  • I'd like to be able to tag my swims as races, the same way you can tag a run as a race. Thanks!

  • I...I don't quite get why Strava haven't done anything with this yet? I know there are a lot of suggestions here but they could literally add 2 or 3 basic things to atleast keep us happy for a while. How hard is it to add swimming as a weekly goal target? I can't imagine that would be too much of an ask. Add calories perhaps? Even if it's literally just based on distance, time and weight. Yes, we'd love them to include everything Garmin has but lets face it, they aren't going to. Like people say this could be perfect for triatheletes and while there's much they can do, it's not hard to make a start.

    As other people have said, I really don't think Strava care about this at all. That's fine, if you don't want to make it a triathletes tool and open up the possibilities fine, but come on, you can atleast put in some basic stuff, a weekly goal is nothing for Strava to add. If it keeps us happy why not just do it!

  • Strava may be letting the swimmers down, but it looks like hope is on the horizon with their competition

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