Add better support for Swim data to Strava

I am thinking about buying a Garmin Swim, but it is pretty useful if it cannot upload it's data to Strava. Is there a possibility that Garmin Swim will be supported?



Strava Support edit: Although Strava currently accepts Swim data from Garmin devices, this forum can still be used to collect feedback on improvements we can make to allow swim data to be more useful and better displayed on Strava, for both swim metrics and swim activity data. Thanks for your feedback! 



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  • This was first suggested in 2012... What a shame nothing has been done. Garmin's report is so much better (the correct distance, graphs of lap times, pace, stroke rate, etc).

  • @Lori Fisher "…it looks like hope is on the horizon" eh, what do you mean "on the horizon"? is up and doing well ince about one year, they've just released their app for android (not just the mere pebble upload applet that's been out there for some time). swimming-wise they are better than strava at tracking your pool lengths, but they don't do running/cycling nor have any plans to add those at all.

  • I don't think that Strava cares about swimming. They just added activities for the sake of adding them i.e. Kite Surfing activities. In the case of swimming perhaps they think the market is not big enough to be worth the effort and if that's the case, that's ok. It is their call as a business. I assume that the lack of communication is to avoid having to take a decision or committing to something they can't deliver. In my opinion that is the wrong way to deal with the issue. As much as I like the cycling features I just cancelled my premium subscription after 2 years of waiting for that feature. Moving on to Training Peaks for training purposes and leaving the free account for the social aspect that is priority over here.

  • Per Oscar, I too am giving up. I'm a triathlete and without decent support for swimming, Strava doesn't work for me. I'll leave my premium account in place until it is going to renew, but my annual money is better spent with Training Peaks. I'll use my free Strava account for the "segment" feature (I don't use the social functions).

  • Strava's swim data is almost worthless. Total distance gets rounded improperly and there is no detail whatsoever on lap and interval times. The data is obviously there because it all shows up in Garmin connect. Sounds like this issue has been around for a long time with no action and I'm betting it has turned off a lot of current and potential customers.
  • Strava data on swim activities is way too sparse. Should be more like Garmin Connect. Doesn't even round totals properly
  • Seems like there is loads of chat on this subject. I would really love to be able to monitor and set goals for swimming activity just as we do for bike and run.  If you achieved this STRAVA you would have lots of very happy customers.  Go for it and give us a hint at how long it might take you to sort it...within the year?

  • Please get better data for swimming (as others have mentioned)! Also, Strava needs to support non-GPS tracked workouts from Suunto (specifically the indoor pool swims). 

  • should have at least SWOLF, 100yd, 1K, 1 mile, 2.4m ironman

  • I would have to say that the calculation of DISTANCE on GPS open water swim data is pretty good, as compared to another popular fitness tracking site that starts with "R" and ends with "unkeeper"! 

    My problem is that often swims that are in my Garmin account are not always pulled in via the automatic sync, even when bikes and runs from the same multi-sport activity ARE being synced.

    AND sometimes when it DOES sync, Strava thinks it is a run and I have to re-classify the activity.

  • swim stats lacking despite the proliferation of devices to track swimming..... feels like Strava is soon to be dead in the water ;)

    On a more serious note. This seems lazy from Strava and likely a revenue stream they are missing out on.

  • It is strange that the swimming legs for triathletes are missing out on data support for Strava.  Please address.

  • I can understand (begrudgingly) that Strava doesn't have full support for swimming (e.g., details on every lap, which has), but when I upload my swim data from my Garmin 902 XT, I can't even edit the time or yardage. So if, like today, I do a lot of kicking-only laps, that yardage isn't included in my total (because my watch doesn't know about those laps) and Strava doesn't let me edit the total yards. Similarly, if I forget to click the Stop button after my swim (like today), I can't change the total time.

  • I understand that Strava are very slowly improving swim tracking but the data I get from my TomTom Multisport is very basic. Even if you can't fix that could you at least put a nice picture or something of someone swimming where the usual map picture goes on the mobile app? The big grey square with nothing in looks rubbish. Surely that's a quick thing to fix whilst you are working on the data side of it? I love Strava for cycling and running but please understand many triathletes and other multisport users use your app too. Please make any solutions work for both mobile and desktop, I barely use the web interface.

  • Swim data uploaded from a Garmin 920XT is very basic. The website gives the correct laps and totals and that's it (no graphs etc). The mobile interface (iPhone) doesn't even do that, and reports the speed in km/hr (which is useless, should be min::ss per 100m).

    A few simple improvements to get the speed and distance units right then graph speed over time would make this much better. Can't be that hard.

  • Alistair,

    I agree totally.  The fact that they refuse to make even these very simple but critical changes as a first step for better support of swimming activities speaks volumes about their lack of commitment to swimming and multi-sport.  There is no excuse for not being able to display workout totals in yards/meters and showing pace in m:ss.x/100 yd or m.  I see no responses to this issue from Strava on this forum so it also appears that posting comments here is a waste of time.

  • Bueller...Bueller.....?  +1 for better swim support. Swim needs their own section. Swim challenges would be cool too. 

  • Hello I would like to able to get a separate list for swimming. I record my poollaps with my Garmin 910XT and get them correctly listed as swim when syncing them from Garmin Connect. I would be nice to separate activity list for swimming (same as for cycling and runnning). Do you have any project in making such a list?

  • I am using Suunto Ambit 2 with Movescount. I'm happy with how the runs and cycle rides are analysed by Strava but the lack of swimming support is unfortunate. I would very much like to see the pace and compare to others on common openwater swim routes (across Bondi beach, around Wedding cake island, etc...).



  • We're in the process of fixing some bugs with Swim activities on Strava, and have other multi-sport and swim features and functionalities planned! We will keep this thread informed. 

  • Please enable yards and meters for swim workouts in the Android app. Since I mainly swim in a 25 yard pool, my swim distances rarely convert precisely to tenths of miles or kilometers.
  • I asked for Android app support yards/meters as a unit of measure for Swimming many months ago and the developer(s) just said thanks for the suggestion. No promises, but at least I see this topic is marked as "Planned". Anyone know when it was flagged???

    Back in Jan 2015, I requested on this thread that the Swimming activity default to yards or meters. Hopefully on both the on-line and Android app. Don't know what the Apple app looks like, but would be surprised if it is not also the same.

  • Would be nice if having just a swim activity for the day would give that day a black block on the mini-calendar under "Last 4 Weeks". Right now, as you know, you only get a block if you run and/or cycle on that day.

  • Awsome to see that Strava is actively working on better swim activity support, and multi-sport activities as well.

    Real nice.

    One update I've noticed was the Swim button on "My Stats". That is great, thanks Strava!

  • Elle, there are plenty of comments spread throughout the forums. You can search for them and collate the results or put together a survey and ask users to comment. I am hopeful the volume of responses results in some actions by Strava. Thanks

  • Just wanting to add my voice to the multi-sport/Triathlete crowd. I already appreciate that Strava is able to deal with choppy GPS open swim data and produce reasonable distance measurements on outdoor swims. 

    More support for pool swimming in "normal" short and long pools (25yd and 50m) would be great. Plus, obviously, support for Finis, Garmin, Misfit Shine, and other pool-swim devices.

  • Hello Elle,
    Very nice to hear Strava is really listening!!!!!
    What I would like to see in a swim workout page:
    A text view that lists sequentially the sets. Meaning that you see a sequence of lines with the stroke type, time, distance, pace, stroke rate, swolf, etc (maybe selectable columns). These should be alternated with rest times. Something like this:

    BreastStroke --- 4:30 ---200m ---  2:15/100m
    rest 0:35
    Freestyle --- 5:45 --- 300m --- 1:55/100m
    Backstroke --- 2:30 --- 100m --- 2:30/100m
    rest 0:15
    Freestyle --- 2:05 --- 100m --- 2:05/100m

    Above that you could have a graph with time or distance on the X axis, and a selectable Y axis: pace, stroke rate, swolf, or even heart rate (Suunto and Garmin both support HRM on swim now).

  • On my previous comment, when I say "distance on the X axis" on a graph, I mean "lengths" should be the visual unit. You can show meters, but each tick on the X axis should be a pool length, as every swim watch uses that as a unit of distance.

  • Thanks for listening. Could Strave work on its sync for non-GPS (indoor pool) swims recorded on a Suunto Ambit 3 device? Currently, none of the data from Suunto will sync to Strava. 

  • ++ James Turitto - My Ambit 2 pool swim is not synced to Strava either.

    Otherwise, thanks for being awesome, Strava!  :)

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