Mountain Bike as separate activity type or tag

Please add mountain biking to the list of activities in the app because the cals vs speed are very different from road riding. Also a count down to workout start would be a good feature.



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  • I agree, I'd like to see this added as well.

  • Hi Justin and Darius - we do differentiate between Road and Mountain Biking.

    To do this, log on to the Strava website, and from the settings drop-down menu select Gear. Enter your bikes in the Gear section, labeling the Road and Mountain bikes appropriately.

    When you mountain bike, add your mountain bike to the ride (will change the calorie/power estimations). Likewise with your road rides. At this time, we don't provide the ability to change bikes via the mobile Apps, so you'll have to do this by editing the activity through the web interface. Hope that helps!


  • This may be but when you do a mileage competition for January (for example) Mountain Bike miles are compared with Road Bike miles and there is just no comparison.  If I do a two hour ride on the road I could easily do twice the miles as I would do in the same time on singletrack.

  • Elle, I really appreciate STRAVA's continued efforts to refine services for subscribers and end-users.  It is terrific that you folks have this type of give and take with your customers. 

    With respect to this particular issue and notwithstanding the "gear" selection option, it would still be nice to have a clear choice in the "Activity" selection for both "Road" and "MTB" for a variety of reasons.  Not to mention the ability to sort the rides of both ourselves and others we're following. 

    It also helps in finding new "Road" rides and new "MTB" trails that we can acquaint ourselves with and get .GPX files for to download into our Garmins. 

    Thx for your attention and consideration!!


  • Additionally, it would be good to classify segments as "road", "mountain bike" etc. It would make the segment explorer much more useful (e.g when I was in Scotland, it was hard to find categorised climb segments for a road bike, because so many were offroad)

    Users could use a "most suitable for [road bike, MTB]" dropdown for new segments, and existing segments could be automatically categorised based on the most-used bike for a segment (loop over matching activities, get the bike-type used)

  • Agree with Ben D, it would be great to have segments classified as road or mountain bike.

  • Agree

  • agree

  • Agree....... Identify road segments from MTB segments on the explore facility.

  • I would further add that segments could be differentiated as either MTB/CX (cyclocross) or road. There is definitely some overlap but the segments would be suited to predominantly to one or the other.

  • There definitely needs to be a distinction between road and trail segments.

    It would also be good to be able to choose not to register on road segments if you are just riding road to link MTB trails. On the way to the final descent of my local MTB loop you climb up a very popular road segment and achieve a very low ranking on the segment while you doing it. I would prefer not to know that I am ranked 1359 out of 1487 on that segment thanks very much.

  • Agreed. This feature is long overdue. Us mountain bikers have been treated like the forgotten ones here on Strava. You finally have a "Dirt" challenge going on but it's pointless and laughable since any roadie can enter and easily meet the requirements. Time to finally get it right Strava and fix this. Until you do I won't be paying for your service.
  • You mean to  say Strava has a way to search for segments? Ha what a laugh!  Strava needs to keep evolving or something else will come along to take it's place.  Don't even get me started about the complete lack of support for swim metrics.  Come on Strava, a dirt or road toggle seems rather simple and I could use a reason to pull the premium trigger.

  • Aye get it sorted Strava dudes.

  • While I understand that we're able to designate between road/MTB when selecting "gear", that doesn't help when trying to filter our activities on the My Activities screen.   The only picklist option applicable to me is "Ride"   At the very least, can we have the ability to sort by or search within the Type column?  A Keyword search apparently only searches the Title column.  So, as far as I can tell, I have no way to show only Road or only MTB on the My Activities screen.  For someone like me who does a lot of both, this is a pain.  The only workaround I can see is to include the text "MTB" within my activity title, and then use it as a keyword search later.


  • I'd like to see MTB supported as well. That could then separate trails from roads by using different colours when overlaid on the maps. So if you viewed the explore screen it would be easier to distinguish what people have used to do their rides. 

    I'd also like to see Garmin ANT+ Key work with the Strava App 


    Just my 0.02c   

  • Dusting off my MTB and starting to get in a ride a week (I am a roadie) I agree with the theme being discussed here. I would imagine there is enough critical mass for specific and deeper MTB support to be warranted. Thanks Strava!

  • Agree, I'd love to see this.
  • There is no doubt that MTB'ers are an after thought on Strava. Please resolve this.

  • Come on Strava, get it sorted!!

  • Agree with everything above! Please add this differentiation.
  • I Agree, I Agree, I Agree with all of the above!!! Come on Strava sort it out :(

  • Just started trying the site out for tracking activities and the segment comparisons/rankings are nice but they really need a way to identify which ones are road and which are MTB. Same with searching as already mentioned quite a few times. It doesn't make sense to compare a full suspension mountain bike that happens to be traveling the same segment to a roadie. I already know I'm a heck of a lot slower but it would be nice to compare what I'm doing to other MTB'ers.

  • please strava, or lord baby jesus, whoever answers these things, al gore, i dont care, create a way to differentiate the mt bike segments from the road bike segments!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i will pay 5.99 month after month after month, otherwise, i might just go back to the free app, thank you strava(sweet lord baby jesus)

  • Hallelujah and praise the lord… I agree with you preacher man.<!--?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /-->

    Come on Strava, pull your finger out.

  • You can do it!

  • I agree good idea.

  • why wont strava do this ?

  • Exactly. No one seems to think it's a bad idea, so I can only assume no one at Strava is that bothered? I wouldn't imagine it would even be hard to change, and would make it so much more use for both MTB and road. 

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