Mountain Bike as separate activity type or tag

Please add mountain biking to the list of activities in the app because the cals vs speed are very different from road riding. Also a count down to workout start would be a good feature.



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  • +1000

    Come on, 2 years already since the first request and no clear answer.

    How hard can it be to separate Road and Mountain as your competitors do, this is just a must!

  • Aw, I'm sure it's not that Strava doesn't care. I suspect they just think they've dealt with the issue. After all, the original request was specifically for calories to be calculated differently, which actually happens. Now in the comments this issue has morphed into asking for segments to be categorised as road/mtb, but that seems lost on Strava support.

    I suggest someone (or many of us) put in a specific feature request for what we want, instead of piggybacking this one, which clearly isn't working out.

  • Someone else has started a similar question which might fit what many of us want:

  • +1 Can Strava create 2 categories of bike: Road / Mountain Bike ? This has a huge impact on average speed. Pouvez-vous distinguer Vélo de Route et Mountain Bike , cela a une forte incidence sur la moyenne.

  • +! -  the app invites confusion because ALL cycling shows up adding useless segments to both types of biking.   It  would be REALLY nice to have  two activity types - Road Cycling ,  Mountain Biking   - would make the app a lot more useful to us.  

  • It is  not just about having a separate section for road an MTB tracks, but about having the option to select a ROAD BIKE or MTB per ride, as many riders have both have MTB and road bikes. I would like to to compare myself to MTB bike riders - even on on-road segments.

  • I think an easy way to do this would be to have the participant assign there bike as a road, mountain, or any other category ... so that when finish a ride, and you assign a particular bike to that ride it is know that it is a mountain or road bike

  • Yes, you can assign a road or mountain bike to a ride and distinguish your own rides like that (Strava suggest this themselves), however it is useless when comparing against other riders or in a challenge. Challenges are the worst. The distance based ones, I like to compare against my followers in the same challenge but some of them ride road half the time as well as off, but I'm all off road. I have no idea if their distance is high because of the road miles vs off. Also with using a bike to distinguish, I know some people who use the same bike for road and off even if they have other bikes.

  • +1+1+1+1...

    I would also like to see a third biking category for fat bikes. Or as someone suggested, a surface category for segments so riders could compare times on snow vs dirt.. With the advent of fat tire bikes, many MTB trails where I live in Rossland, Canada get used in the winter on snow. Mostly these fat bikes are slower, but on some segments where the snow smoothes out rough trails, it may be faster. Either way, riders want to compare themselves against others or themselves on similar equipment on similar surfaces, otherwise what's the point?

    Nordic skiing should also be split between classic and skate skiing. Two different sporting equipment and methods that yield different results, but often on the same paths.

  • +10

    ...please add it ASAP! Thank You!

  • Yes please! I would like the functionality on strava to be able to designate a ride as a mountain bike ride or a road ride. Similar to how you can switch between cycling and running on Strava currently.
    1km on a mountain bike on a dirt trail is generally more effort than 1km on a road bike, it would be great to distinguish between the two.
  • I desperately want to see different bikes separated for purposes of route finding and heatmaps. Filtering leaderboards by type of bike would also be great. But I disagree that mountain biking should be a different activity to road biking. They are both cycling, not fundamentally different activities and there is no clear line between the two (e.g. what is CX?). They are different types of bikes, which we already have the ability to annotate: Strava just needs to let us filter against this data that already exists.

  • Filtering by bike gets complicated if all you want to do is filter a challenge (for example) so it's a fair comparison of like riders. Many people do road rides and commutes on mountain bikes, some road bikes go off road (like CX). Then there are fat bikes, hybrids, and I occasionally see tandems, folding bikes and unicycles on off road trails!

    Taking the challenges as an example such as the mileage one, if I compare against all my friends I can't tell if my purely MTB miles is a good comparison against friends who do some MTB miles, some road/commute. I keep wondering how they've managed such a huge mileage, but probably it's road miles but I have no idea. Those could have been road miles on a mountain bike though.

    Hence the need for a separate activity rather than filtering by bike (though both options would be good also). The separate activity doesn't need to exclude. Again, just make it a filter option.

  • I think that there are 2 things here:- People comparing themselves to others, and navigation onto inappropriate routes.  Having a separate activity doesn't solve either but its better than nothing.  A road bike could go along some trails, but its not what you buy a road bike for and its best not to.  So from a broad safety point of view I support a separate activity.

    Performance wise, there aren't only 2 types of bikes.  How roady is a particular hybrid?   Unless their was a % difficulty factor and a completely different was of looking at performance, say watts per hour, I think that we just have to deal with it and just agree that we are different.

    If we get a separate activity, could someone tell me where a Trek DS 8.3 fits?

  • I get that we would like to filter and apply rules based on bike type, but I'm missing the jump in logic to "we need this to be a separate type of activity". This presumably implies that every type of bike could potentially be a different activity? My point was that all the data for what kind of bike people have been riding are already there, and are highly valuable, so why not use them, rather than making people specify the same thing in a different way?

  • tim, because organization is nice, and for the same reason cars and road bikes shouldnt share the same data. a simple, were you on the road answer would suffice at the end of recording.

    i get it, just as i wanted annual achievements because we don't have a million segments in a small area here it would work for me. and just as you may not have trails by roadways there this may not work for you, but the latter doesnt even apply to you, why go against it? strava isnt developing anything everyone here is wasting their time

  • Tim, I couldn't disagree more

    moutain biking and road cycling are 2 very different sports: different pace, different technics, different effort... Look at our champions, only few succeed in switching from one to the other.

    I personnaly don't care about separate leaderboards that would be nice but not the most important (where I ride my moutain bike, no chance to get confused with roadies...). But I really want to clearly separate my annual moutain biking mileage with the road one. I might be able to that today by playing with the the bike/material I record, but when I change moutain bike model then I have to do some math again

    No wonder why most competitors (Garmin, Sportstracker, .... ) are making the difference. Even Strava have separate activities for snowboard, ski, ski touring , .... so how difficult can it be !!!!!

  • General impression I get is Strava don't want to acknowledge the existence of mountain bikes. Virtually none of the promotional articles, blogs and videos, challenges, or shop products are mountain bike related. The recent personal 2015 animation even features a road bike regardless of what kind of bike I ride.

  • The differences between road and mountain biking are clear and I will not discuss them here. I have requested a seperate catagory with a long list of specific features for MTBing, talked with a STRAVA rep on the phone, they just do not seem interested in doing a separate MTB environment. Features like: mark a segment as not part of the ride and not include stats, for the chair lift segment or shuttle ride back up the hill, track elevation drop as well, for those free riding days again (as you know elev drop is uninteresting on a roadie, as it's just coasting down a hill, elev drop down a mountain trail is work, fix the calories as well). There is always a gray zone where the riding styles of road and mountain meet, someone posted this as a problem for the distinction... Not all, let them choose which camp they want to be in.. It's a small portion of the population of riders anyway. Let's us MTBers stick together and continue to send a clear message to STRAVA that we need a seperate category.
  • Strava supports sucks is useless

  • +1 - also need the ability to log descent rather than just climbing. Mountain biking isn't road cycling and mountain bikers want completely different stats!

  • Hi! I'm an user of Strava, to record my routes and trainings. But, when I see the comparison table with other bikers, I don't know if they are riding on the same conditions as me. I ride only on a MTB bike, but others riding on road bikes. I think Strava I think Strava should differentiate these two aspects to be a better app. Thank you for your work!
  • Hi! I'm an user of Strava, to record my routes and trainings. But, when I see the comparison table with other bikers, I don't know if they are riding on the same conditions as me. I ride only on a MTB bike, but others riding on road bikes. I think Strava I think Strava should differentiate these two aspects to be a better app. Thank you for your work!
  • Hi!
    I'm using Strava to record my routes and trainings. But, when I see the comparison table with other bikers, I don't know if they are riding on the same conditions as me.
    I ride only on a MTB bike, but others riding on road bikes. I think Strava should differentiate these two aspects to be a better app.
    Thank you for your work!

  • Hello,

    After speaking with a few of my fellow riders I brought up the idea of having more mountain bike specific challenges put in place. Most if not all of them are geared towards Road bikers especially the mileage. By adding challenges with mtb in mind I think more people would possibly use the app and be motivated to join challenges.
    Thank you for your consideration of this idea.
  • Dear Strava Team, when are you going to get this sorted out? People have been asking for this change for years now and still nothing done about it. At least if you are not going to do anything perhaps you would be polite enough to explain to the mountain biking population of your customers why?

    Thanks & look forward to your prompt response.


  • Strava support sucks.

  • How about this:

    For Stats:

    • Biking Total 2016: 1,000 miles
    • Road Total 2016: 500 miles
    • MTB Total 2016: 300 miles
    • Trainer Total 2016: 200 miles

    These should based on what you designate your activity TYPE as, and allows you to quickly see what you've been up to and compare to others. (Joe's 3,000 trainer miles are very different from Bob's 3,000 MTB miles)

    Could even be just a pop-up bubble when you hover over "Total 2016"

    For Segments -- if you designate as a Road activity, you get Road segments. If you designate as a MTB activity, you get MTB segments.

    What if I ride my MTB on the road? What if I ride my roady on single-track?

    Well, choose what you want to designate the ride as. Or break it into two rides and put one section in each (if you really want to crush the roadies on your MTB on the way to the trail, but don't want to call it a road ride.)

    For Bonus points, based on your self-designate Bike Type in the "Gear" section, Strava would put a slick-tire icon or a knobby-tire icon beside your leader-board standing. This is independent of Activity Type, only based on Gear type. 

  • Big LBellski™ - I like those suggestions :)

    Key bit about difference between ride type and bikes there. Some, including Strava, argue the bike specified in the Gear section distinguishes it, but it definitely doesn't as you point out. Sometimes you do a road ride on an MTB or vice versa. It's not just about categorising your own ride data, but also in comparison with others, leaderboards and challenges (all the very things Strava is about, else we'd just use Garmin Connect, Endomondo etc).

    It's still crazy there are several types of skiing in Strava, and yet no way to distinguish road from MTB. Though they have added E-Bike and Virtual riding. If it's fine to distinguish these, then why not MTB vs Road? !

  • Agree with Ben D, it would be great to have segments classified as road or mountain bike.

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