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It would be great to be able to use OpenStreetMaps in addition to the Google Maps.  OpenStreetMaps has many more trails identified, and any user can add their own.  MapMyRun lets you choose OpenStreetMap, and it is great.  Most of the trails I run don't show in Google Maps.

See the attached 2  images.

OSM has a simple API, and should be relatively straight-forward to integrate.

Thanks for your consideration.




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    Hello everyone - 

    Please head over here to discuss the changes with Strava's maps using Open Street Maps.


    Even if you've already posted your questions and feedback here, feel free to repost since the above link will be used to consolidate and communicate feedback regarding the recent changes. 

    I'll leave comments open on this post for another week - this is now a completed features suggestion.

    (If you don't see the new maps yet that is because we are gradually migrating user groups over a transition time)

    Thanks for your time.

    - Elle @ Community Support

  • This request has a lot of merit.  OpenStreetMap clearly provides some value not available in Google Maps.  Thanks, Cory, for making this suggestion.

  • OSM maps would be really helpful, especially for MTB route-planning. No big deal to integrate this feature, is it?

  • Google Maps are completely insufficient for mountain excursion. OSM have tracked a lot of track and useful detail

  • I would like to see Strava add an OSM option. It is very easy to edit and in my experience is more accurate than Google Maps because it is crowd sourced. 

  • OpenStreetMap, yes please!

    All those trails and paths are just blank spots on googlemap. No use.

  • As an extra plea to this:

    In the Netherlands OpenStreetMap is regarded as the best datasource for bicycle-related analyses and policy development, mainly because of its completeness

  • They should use MapBox maps, thay are better in my opinion, and thay would blend into the Strava's YI.

  • Mapbox Outdoors - just released and looks amazing for off-road. I'm not affiliated, I just love a good map. 

  • I was considering to write the same request about OSM. It would be great for Mountain Bike tracks (google is useless for off road activities)

  • I'm using strava in Switzerland and I like to discover new paths with the help of Strava users. 
    In my opinion the background map should be from better quality and more accurate as you wrote. For example using national topographic map would be much better: http://map.geo.admin.ch/?X=194834.10&Y=540917.19&zoom=8&lang=fr&topic=ech&bgLayer=ch.swisstopo.pixelkarte-farbe
    Also, to see better the paths/roads under the track, it would be nice to have the track drawn with transparency. 

  • Strava is already using OpenStreetMaps for the routing engine, just not yet for displaying the map.  Check out http://labs.strava.com to see the GPS log heatmap on OpenStreetmaps (and the reported map errors).

  • II think that the fact that is not possibile to choose a map like OpenCycleMap to get all the paths different from roads displayed by google maps is something that I miss and push me to create my routes outside Strava.
    Is there a plan to include this kind of map in the route builder in the future?

  • For MTB the OpenStreetMap is much better than Google Maps. It is very useful to have a map with all the small tracks in the forrest, when you find that you have done a wrong turn. So please implement OSM support in the phone apps and on the web. 

  • +1...being a "Google hater" myself I would much rather use the OpenStreetMaps option, if it presented itself. This is one (the only?) area where Garmin Connect beats Strava at the moment.

  • +1 from me, having Open Cycle Map when planning a route would be a great benefit. The cycle path data in Google Maps (at least in Germany/Europe) is not very useful...

  • +1 !  I want to believe that OSM will be used in Strava..

  • Please, add OSM both in web and mobile apps. It's showstopper preventing buying premium for me.

  • Logged in to upload an activity tonight and noticed the preview map tiles in the dashboard changed. After inspecting the page elements it looks like Strava is now using maps sourced from a skobblermaps.com link. Looking up skobbler.com they're a Telenav company using products based off OpenStreetMap. While I'd agree it would be nice to have the option to switch between Google and OSM-sourced maps when you open an activity, explore segments, courses, etc., the preview tiles/maps on the dashboard using the Skobbler OSM products don't seem to have as much detail as the previous Google-sourced maps.

  • @Eric H, I think the previous thumbnails were in fact OpenStreetMap, hence the details. Now with this change they actually decreased the details in the thumbnails. Ok, that is not a biggie, but a general switch to scobbler wouldn't help the MTB case much, due to the low contrast on the trails in the default style on the scobbler maps. So if this is a hint of a general switch to scobbler, please note that scobbler have support for different styles. Using scobbler and letting the user set the style, would be a great solution.

  • I never bothered to verify since they were never a problem before, but I'm pretty sure the thumbnail/preview maps on the dashboard overview pages was normal, flat Google maps used throughout the site. The type of mains missing details I'm talking about is color such as green areas for parks, tan for incorporated cities, etc. and one thing Google is pretty good about, when you have a map image zoomed in or out they usually try to overlay the city/area name on the visible part of the map.

     With these new OSM-based thumbnail/preview maps a lot of them are mostly an all-white background and a lot of maps for shorter rides or courses that aren't very wide or tall don't show a city/area name. It makes it harder to quickly glance at them and figure out where someone was riding. I'm all for options and being able to select between different map providers and types of maps for the bigger, interactive maps displayed elsewhere on the site for things like activities and the segment explorer and such, but these Skobbler ones don't seem to work as well as the previous maps for the small preview/thumbnails and it doesn't look like there's a way to change it.

  • Both Apple and Google Maps are useless for mountain bikers… It's a shame Strava does't offer Open Cycle Map, while other services like Runtastic or Runkeeper do… 

  • It seems to be official that Strava will switch to the Skobbler OSM based maps


    This will be an improvement by it self, and if they provide a map style with higher contrast of the trails, it will be really nice. I guess I can always dream....

  • Good news!  Openstreetmap/Opencycle map has been my companion for planning several tours by bike, and I found it just perfect for that. 

  • Also add on offline map option please.

  • Strava will use OSM for its mobile apps, but not for the main website. My map friends tell me they have a contract with Google that runs for a certain amount of time.

  • yes please, open street map in strava!!

  • Openstreet is a must !

  • Openstreetmap would give much better service for the Mountain Bike users!

  • I agree 100% open street maps is way better for mountain bikers, i pay the premium membership and i can't even use the route planner as the trails are not listed on google maps. I'm seriously considering using gaming connect again, as they offer both maps OSM and google, plus they now have segments like strava... 

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