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  • Seems not to be at all servers yet. And for me too, hiding the heartrate but not power is only half work done.

  • Hum, that looks much more like an option to not include health data and not an option to hide the data from other users. If so, why would one pay for premium? All of the analysis is based on this data and one reason so many want the option to protect it. (there are other very compelling reasons to protect this data)

    Also, a beta tester that uses personal data, one data set and said data set that is incomplete indicates the priority of this issue to Stava. Very disappointing that this is being offered as the solution and saying this thread should be closed.


    Denying Strava access to health-related data.Should you deny Strava consent to process and store this data, you will still be able to upload activities although health data will be removed.

    • We will notify you every time you upload an activity that contains health-related data so you can update your selection in order for Strava to collect and process this data on all future activities.
    • Past activities will still display health-related data such as heart rate. You can delete old activities that contain heart rate data if you wish.
  • On the android app.
    Go to your activity.
    Edit it..
    At the bottom there is a toggle to "Hide heart rate" for that activity.
    This became visible for me approximately 2-4 weeks ago.

  • Well done to you all at Strava! (feature added at last) the ability to hide the heart rata data on your activity is added.

    "You will always be able to see your heart rata data, but you can choose to make this data private" is indicated in the app.

    This is a huge HIPPA privacy item that is added. I didnt have this last week, and I seem to have it this week. I can edit activity in Android app and on PC and choose to hide heart rate data for that activity.

    On PC; edit activity, and below Title, below Description in the Privacy Controls section you can now tick the 'hide heart rate' box.

    On Android app (ver 89.0.0), you can Edit activity, and in the Privacy Controls section you can now toggle/slide the 'Hide heart rate' setting..

  • @Paul Naughton

    Same here. Now the check box is avaliable for me. 
    Finally Strava developers gave attention to all those who made this request.

  • Has anyone with iOS been able to find the 'Hide Heart Rate' setting?

  • It's strange, I do not have this option. Same PC or Android (v90)

  • ...waiting this BASIC privacy setting as well.......

  • Now it is working in my account. Thx. But only half the work is done... same for power please.

  • First of all thanks for respecting my wisch on privacy. 


    BUT 😊. Please make it possible to set this by default, or integrate this checkbox in the activity menue like the oscillating checkbox.

    This Realisation is not easygoing.

    best regards


  • Now we just need this feature for POWER....

    I don't really care about people seeing my heart rate as it's no indicator to performance.

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