Route Builder made more 'modular' by linking together Segments

I asked a question about assembling routes from existing 'segments'... as some beta-test feedback I'd like to suggest that not only should you be able to assemble a route by selecting an linking existing 'segments', but you should also be able to access a library of 'route components' that can be used.

As contest, I'm a mountain biker and I want to create some routes for our local school cycling club - so these can be documented and 'risk assessed'. Mountain bike routes don't follow roads, and may not follow anything visible on the Route Builder (though I am using an Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 overlay which allows me to see most bridleways and fire-roads), so Route creation is manual, and can be time consuming.

In my local area there are many sections of trail, and a fair number of them are 'segments'. What I want to do is to avoid having to plot anything twice. Any route I create will be made up up of climbs/descents/singletrack (pretty much all existing segments) and some linking sections, assembled in different orders to create different routes. What I would hope to do is to create my linking 'components' (I could create these as 'segments' but there are too many segments already) ONCE for each linking component, and then just assemble/reassemble the sub-components ('segments' and whatever these new bits might be) to create my routes.

At the moment I have to plot each route manually, using the segment overlay as a guide. I can then copy and modify these routes, but even this is a slow process as I can't see how to insert new Waypoints within a route I am editing. So the Route Builder functionality looks very promising (and I know it's still beta) but my request is that the architecture is based on a build-route-from-components model and not a draw-and-modify model.

Many thanks.





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