Simple way to have all events/bunch rides on Strava with rankings :)

You already have events but there is not a way for a user to associate a ride to an event.
When there is a granfondo there are 1000s of users, 100s of them using strava that are not associated.
There are 1000 of bunchrides every weekend with only 50% of riders associated and no ranking :)

Suggestion: add a event textbox on activity creation and when registering a new activity would show suggestion list of nearby activities already created. If user didnt fill the event textboxit would be the name of the activity.

So, when a first user registers the ride as "granfondo serra da estrela 2014", next registreations would be suggested same event (about the same time and nearby start location).
This would give an event generated (with ranking :) ) out of the box with no effort for strava team nor the participants.
Great for big events and also for all weekend bunch rides
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  • I know it is not cool to comment our own suggestion but i just had an example:

    Finished a MTB marathon and no way to find who did it with me. Work-around i did was to create a segment that is the whole marathon. If we had this it would be simpler :)

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