smoothing gps plots

this is probably impossible to implement in a way that would please everyone or even someone but a method of asking strava to automatically clean-up an uploaded gps plot to track to the actual road you were riding rather than the hallucination the device records is what is wanted here.

justification: i have a garmin 500 that has been getting progressively less able to find my actual location and results in plots that show me meandering through people's backyards or up impossible canyons metres away from the road i was on. there have been a number of times where i've ridden a course where there's a segment i was expecting to find only to learn that my plot was beyond strava's threshold of deviation. the support folks will connect that plot for you if you ask, but that can't scale very well. better to provide an automated smoothing for latitude and longitude just as is done for elevation.

if it's optional, nobody will get mad. if it's as wrong as the plot generated by the device, well at least you have a choice of one of two hilariously inaccurate plots to boast about.

this obviously wouldn't work for off-road riding or running but again, if it's optional ....



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  • Hi Masterbrawn,I wrote a similar email to support not so long ago (see below.) I got a response saying it could effect segment timings and would need more thought.

    If there was someway to "flag" when you know your GPS has made an error or a "smart" feature by Strava servers to recognise an error. Then it could be agreed that no changes to Segment times to keep the credibility in these records. But then you should be free to make changes to personal times, as when you "flag" an activity you are doing the honest thing and decreasing your time and distance recorded.

    As seen in the attached photo, it had me running at 2mins/km which is 30km/h (18.75mph) for most of my run (this is quicker than the World Record for a 5000m runner.) If such a feature were in place it would decrease my time to a more credible rate of 6kms/km  (10km/hr or 6.2mph.)

    So I can see their point with segment times and people being able to cheat the system. But with personal times you should be able to smooth out your run/ride.



    I just notice sometimes that my GPS will record erroneous results. Ie it will create a big squiggle and say I've ran 1km in about 90 seconds. Whether this is a Satellite/Phone/App error, just wondering if you could implement a feature that would compliment the "Crop" tool for a recent activity.

    In a situation like this it would be good to go to your PC/Desktop and select where the GPS has failed and "iron-out" or flatten the erroneous section. So it would then be able to recalculate distances and average speeds without having to "Crop" and lose all the data for that part.

    A smart feature could also be implemented where the Strava server could determine that running 1km in 90secs doesn't sound right and ask if you would like to flatten/"iron-out" this particular section.

    Other than that, I find the app really handy and will continue to use it.



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  • since i posted this suggestion, i found an external site that claims to be able to fix strava segments by modifying your data ( i've so far failed to make it work for my hilariously inaccurate plots. it claims that they don't match any known segment.

    d'uh! that's the whole point of correcting segments, isn't it?

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  • Same problem here e.g. if I'm running under trees I can get large enough distances added to double my speed due to these "jagged" routes

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  • Hello.

    I had a similar discussion over here:

    I am in favor of flagging to the user that data might need to be edited.

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  • I have a similar problem at the beginning of each run, first 2 Kilometers, the distance and pace are completely wrong. Some say that this is a particular problem with using I-phone 7. I ended up cropping the activity so that at least the remainder of the run is somewhat representative of the actual distance.

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