Improvements to heatmaps - maps/points

It's really difficult to read the heatmaps due to contrast of the background map and the points (see attachment 1) - this is a typical view with a busy background map. 

I would suggest a number of enhancements:

1. Allow the user to change the style of map to terrain, OSM, road etc
2. Allow the user to change it so the heatmap colours are different
3. Make the points bigger/thicker
4. Draw up lines between the points (as per attachment 2) - ie plot the track rather than just the GPS point locations (the Jonathan o'Keefe mapper does a good job here).

Screenshot 2015-03-08 11.15.29.png
Screenshot 2015-03-08 11.20.18.png


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  • I agree with the post and would also like to see the contrast between the background and the coloured lines improved. I've also noticed that a ride created by my Garmin 520 is just a faint series of unconnected dots that's pretty hard to see at all whereas a ride created by the iPhone app creates a solid line which is much more visible.

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