Group my Routes in folders

I have a ton of routes...I would like to do three things:

Separate my "Commute" routes

Separate my "other" routes based on distance

Archive "old routes" so I could put them in a folder since there is no good way to name .tcx files

I would love to make up "folders" in the "routes" section and clear up the "routes" screen so I don't have a ton of pages to scroll through to find what I am looking for.



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  • It definitely needs some way of either filtering or searching or organising routes please, you can only have so many favorites ;-) Surely this wouldn't be a massive task?

  • On top of that, what about filtering routes so only the ones that start near where you currently are appear on the mobile app?

  • This is an excellent idea, I was going to suggest "tagging" a route, maybe with the ability to create your own tags or have predefined tags.  I create routes for back home where I live and where I stay during the week for work, it would be great to filter them based on tags I have.

  • I have routes in different countries and wanted to create a folder for each country / region - is that possible?

  • Glad to see I'm not the only one frustrated by the inability to organise my routes. Routes I create for local rides are randomly mixed up with other regions of the country and other countries and are scattered over various pages. With no rhyme or reason bar date created [an irrelevant criteria for organising such data] this makes for a very clumsy interface.
    Folders would be a very simple way of organising, though using metadata i.e. tags or names as well would be handy if you want to make smart folders. These are are incredibly useful for organising, particularly as it means you can have routes in more than one folder. e.g. a training route could also be in local routes.
    I use smart folders/smart collections extensively for organising my photography work and music for DJing which makes organising such large numbers of files incredibly simple to do and with little effort.

  • I'm really surprised that Strava have not done something about this by now it annoys me on a daily basis.... I have about 120 routes and frankly its getting to the point where I'm quicker creating a new one than trying to find it in all those slow loading pages of jumbled up routes.... We need to be able to sort by

    1. distance of start from current location

    2. length of ride

    3. name of ride

    4. the current method of date of creation/favourites

    alternatively allow folders but I would prefer the above

  • Except sorting on its own is a very poor way of finding most things in a large data set. 
    Sorting within smaller categories is however far more useful. Plus you forgot the most useful sorting option for something like routes - the name.

  • Jeremy L see point 3......

  • Duh! Not sure how I managed to miss that.

  • Still no route folders???

    C'mon Strava techs - wake up!

  • It would be very nice to be able to archive and organize routes! I was about to post this and I searched for it instead. Happy to see someone has voiced this idea...disappointed to see it was voiced long ago.

  • Something that may of use is that if you *star* a route, it jumps to top of listings.
    So anything that you may want keep to hand, that's a fudge that could be of use.
    On my Wahoo Elemnt [highly recommended] I can sort by proximity, so whenever I turn up somewhere to ride, I can simply sort by that criteria and the required route jumps to top of list. Not so useful if starting from home where you may have lots of routes. But *staring* them may help there.

  • I think routes have a lot of potential, unfortunately it's a feature that not many people use due to the lack of folders to organize them. It'll be also great to sort them in many different ways (name, lenght, elevation, etc). Pleeeeease add this feature!

  • Really wish Strava supported this feature! I love pre-planning my routes and seeing how I improve on them over time. But I have different sets for runs near work vs home and they're all jumbled together. I want to add more but the list already takes ages to scroll through on my phone.

  • Yes, it would be very usefull ! Please Mr Strava !

  • Yes please +1 on this! I have many routes from trips that I won't want now or in the near future, but they're useful to keep and share with others.

    Having some mechanism for publicly sharing / searching other people's routes might be interesting too, though I suppose creating a route using "popularity" probably captures most of that information.

  • I also would love the possibility to sort my routes in folders or have multiple tags that you can select. or even just sort them by kilometers or name would be a great help

  • I also want this to be implemented, as it would be useful to have a folder for Organised Club Routes, so i don't have to scroll through my personal routes to find a route for my club to do.

    Talking of Club routes, would be a good idea for Club admins to add a bunch of regular club routes, so organisers don't have to find/create a route each time for a club event

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