Feedback for Search features on Strava

We hear a ton of feedback around searching on Strava, especially when it involves Activities and Routes. Below are some of the most popular requests for search improvements on Strava. Please add your thoughts and feature requests as a comment here!

Search or Explore feature for Strava Routes

Similar to the Segment Explore feature, this would provide an interactive map-based search for Strava Routes in an area. Add filters by elevation, distance, time to narrow the search. What other filters or search criteria would be helpful for Routes? 

Map-based Explore feature for Activity Search

Similar to an Explore feature for routes, how can a map view enhance Activity searching on Strava? Could the Strava Global heatmap be leveraged to help visualize where to search for Activities? 

Search Activities by Date Range

The current Activity Search feature does not support searching for a specific date range, for example 'this year' or 'this month'. Searching by date range would make it easier to find Activities for a certain event or time. 

Activity/Route Search by Following or Clubs

Only search Activities or Routes of those you're following or from members of a certain Club.

Improve the Search features for "My Activities"

  • Filter my Activities by shoes or bikes: Search my activities based on a specific piece of gear
  • Add a sort column for Average Speed or Average pace from "My Activities"
  • Search for keywords in Activity descriptions, add an Activity hashtag system for searchability 

Let us know what we've missed! 



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  • I agree with Francis's comment from a few days ago.  I'm not sure what the point of this thread is asking about desired new features, when the basis subject title search doesn't work.  I put "BT" at the start of the subject line for "break-through" workout rides (a hangover from my days on Trainingpeaks), which should make searching for key sessions easy, but it misses loads of them in the search results.  This is pretty poor for such a widely used website.  It seems to be a bug that's existed for over a year, judging by earlier comments on this thread.  Come on Strava, sort it out, this is a basic functionality request and a blatant bug!

  • Totally in with what Paul Ruffy said. I would love to be able to search what rides I've done with people I follow, eg "Max and I rode 3215km together last year"  or something like that ..:)

  • Following on from john gething's comment, I had exactly the same issue with my Strava account and not being able to find rides which I know were there. I contacted support and they "reindexed" all my activities. I had to wait 24hours, but after that search works much better and I can find all the rides which previously weren't being found.


  • For "My Activities" search it'd be great to have a Map view search, and not only by list.

    It'd be immediate to locate an old activity and itinerary without having to filter it by name or date (which at the moment is not possible).

    Infact a Date filter could also be of great help if one needs to go back to an activity 2+ yrs old.

    Hope these get considered for especially for web platform.

    thank you! milly

  • One good general principle to follow; if you allow users to enter data, allow them to see the same data in a list format and then export it for their own use.  The "My Activities" page could be very useful if it displayed all data related to an activity.  Why restrict the data?  Set it FREE!!!

  • How to search max avg speed in personel Activities?

  • Please make the search box under Training - My Activities - Search, search the activity titles and not just the activity notes/description.

  • I just wanted to re-iterate what others have already said, to make sure that the search results returned, contain all the activities with the search term you entered.

    I don't understand why some activities don't show up, even if they're named exactly the same as ones that do.

  • Hi there,

    Does anyone know how I could potentially find a group of female cyclists I saw today in my area, who could potentially be using strava?


    Thanks Emma

  • Please add 

    Improve the Search features for "My Activities"

    • Filter my Activities by shoes or bikes: Search my activities based on a specific piece of gear



  • We've recently updated and improved the search for other Strava Athletes and for Clubs. Let us know what you think. 

    Improving the Activity search is still on our list of top priorities, thanks for your patience. 

  • About the new search:

    FINALLY friend search is working great on the website :) The app still searches other athletes, though...

    ACTIVITY search still useless, does not search my activities, don't undestand the logic...



  • Hi Ellie - you note search is improved with new functionality & ask for comment, thank you.

    However my big problem is still that SEARCHING ACTIVITIES RETURNS INCOMPLETE RESULTS. 

    I say "my problem" but when I posted this in June I immediately got people backing this, experiencing same issue.  Of these john gething on 16/6/16 notes “This is pretty poor for such a widely used website.  It seems to be a bug that's existed for over a year” (& looking back in thread backs this e.g. ron hirsch 4/5/15). Matthew Bailey 21/6/16 notes “I had exactly the same issue with my Strava account and not being able to find rides which I know were there. I contacted support and they "reindexed" all my activities”

    6 months on the problem is still there, I just checked & a search for “boars” in my activities returns only 1 of 3 activities with “boar’s” in the title (weirdly searching  “boar’s”  returns none). This is obviously a completely known issue from what Matthew says about Support reindexing his activities. I can ask them to do mine, but presumably it will just accumulate again & need reindexing again in time.

    As this is an issue for many users & concerns the basic search functionality how about concentrating on fixing this known bug which has existed for at least 19 months rather than adding features? I’m sure these are great & hope I will use, but as I can’t do a basic search at the moment I don’t take things any further.

  • Ellie
    Sorting comments for this thread by votes, the top 5 comments (& 8 out of top 10) are people saying they have the issue of basic activity search not working.
    You commented May 04, 2015 16:24 with a link on the issue, but the link is now dead, can you update us?

  • Hi Francis, 

    Improving the Activity Search feature is still on our list of top priorities. I'll share updates as soon as they become available. 

  • Order lists and search results (by distance, date etc)

  • I really miss a search within notes to verify some apects of past activities  that could have been relevante for me. For exemple I know that I had my arm hurt and a guy helped me. I tried to reember his name but I cant. What is a memo for if a I'm unable to reach information I want to recall? By typing "arm hurt" within "activity notes" would solve my question.


  • YAY!!! A keyword search I tried to do just a couple days ago, that failed, works now!!! Much better! Thanks!!!

  • Thanks Elle Anderson!!! Great news! :-)

  • How about improving search by the mind boggling concept of it actually finding?
    As so many of us have asked, so many times.
    It's completely apparent from people's experience it is a known issue for over 2 years,  in fact you previously posted link to a support article on it, which isn't now available, but which shows you know about it.
    You keep adding bells & whistles to search, but it doesn't actually search & so is useless.
    It's like someone constantly banging on about the new trim they've fitted to their car with no wheels &  a blown engine.

  • My Activities search is better.  However, there needs to be a checkbox that allows for toggling between 'search by title only' or 'search title & description'.  Currently, it appears to search by title AND description.

    As others have mentioned, it would be nice to be able to set a date range.

    I'd also like to see some of the more common "power" options like AND, OR, NOT etc.

  • It would be nice to be able to search (not within My Activities, but globally) by Bike field. E.g. now I am riding a new bike, and the model is not widespread yet (Pride Rocx Tour, the first-ever Ukrainian touring bike); I am interested in following other Strava members with the same gear.

  • In addition to ensuring basic search functionality works properly...

    Filtering / search should be possible by any header or summary field.  (Equipment, device, activity distance or time, ...) Lacking this functionality makes simple tasks extremely painful.

    Time of upload would be helpful as well.

    Once search by header information is implemented, how about bulk operations (e.g. delete / rename / change privacy settings)?  It's absurd that bulk upload is straightforward but performing actions on multiple activities is a painstaking manual process.  (Sorry for the tangent; maybe there's already a bug report for this elsewhere...)

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