Please make Personal Heatmaps for all activity types

I can't see why heatmaps are currently limited to cycling and running. I can't imagine that much extra code would be needed to enable this feature for other activity types.

I really want to access my heatmap for hiking, and also for walking. It would allow me to easily see which hills/fells/mountains I've climbed already, and also all the places I've been walking.

What would be even better (but take a lot more work) would be to be able to combine multiple activity types onto one heatmap, with different colours for different activity types.

And while I'm making suggestions for heatmaps, a choice of background map would be awesome - Google landscape, and OSM are ones I'd particularly like. If OS maps could be made available in the UK, that would be great too.



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    We've been hearing a lot of requests for this added Heatmap functionality recently - thanks to everyone who has added their voice to the conversation.

    Although this is not currently planned, we love to see the support from our community and hope we can consider expanding our heatmaps to other activity types soon. 

  • I also want this capability.  It may make it worth signing up for Premium.

    Until this is done I may change all my walks and hikes to runs so I can see a heatmap of them.  Any downside to this?

  • I upload all my hikes, runs, rides, skiing, and other sports to Strava. I'd really like to feature to see an aggregated Heatmap with all activity types!

  • Any response from Strava on this matter yet?  

  • My Strava App. had a problem , how can I add a saved MY ROUTE to my Heatmap?

  • Please make available heatmaps for (any) activity types (e.g. a lot of people would be interested in hiking heatmap). I also would be interested in an aggregated heatmap as suggested also by Drew Lavey.   

  • I found a 3rd party site that does the aggregation. It's not as pretty as the Strava Heatmap.

  • Still waiting for this.  In the interim I've changed all my hikes & walks to 'running' so they show up on the heat map.  It took a while to make all the edits.

    .But if Strava could make an aggregated heat map that would be great.  For example all cycling shown from light red to dark red, hiking from light to dark green, running light to dark blue, etc.  User configurable colors and which activities to show on heat map.

    I still have a few kayaking, canoeing and skiing activities I have not changed to running as it would mess up stats - I wish I could show these on heat map.

  • +1. I'm using the app to record my lunchtime walks, but have to set them to "running" to view them on my heatmap.

  • +1

  • I just send an email to STRAVA support with the same request. They pointed me to this site and wrote they collect data from the forums.

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  • +1 Agree with the rest - would very much like to view heat maps for walks. As David Ebling mentions, how hard could it be? Folks have been waiting a while....

  • Yes, please! Would love to have Hikes on a heatmap too, hopefully combined with Runs, as I record both with Microsoft Band and before it had the recent Explore tile for hikes, I used the Run tile for hikes, so these are on Strava already as runs.

  • Would love a hiking heat map as well! Or Backcountry Skiing for that matter!  Recording them as "running" just doesn't feel right! 



  • Please consider this. Lot of hikers use Strava

  • Add another name to the list wanting this function. Surely adding this would be an quick job for a Strava programmer!? I would love to see my hikes, kayaks, heatmaps.

  • I would like this too. Separate heatmaps pr activity (hiking,skiing and cycling for me), as well as combined heatmaps for different activitys

  • I agree that it would be great to see all activities on a heatmap. I'm particularly interested in snowsports!

  • The official comment is now 18 months old. 

    Strava, please move on an implement an option: heatmap for all activities - no matter which sport's category.



  • I would love to see the heatmaps function expanded for more activity types such as hiking, skiing, etc. as well as an aggregated heatmap across all activities. We want to see our maps glow!

    Thanks for all the effort you give towards making this community as awesome as it is!



  • This request is three years old, with an official reply that it probably is not going to happen from summer of 2016. And given the recent public heat map debacle (of users, not of Strava itself per se, but still...) I don't see this ever happening. It'll bring Strava nothing. Websites/software are almost never about what users want, but what the owners want (=what they perceive can bring them more money). I've forgotten about this feature request, and given up on it ever being acted upon. Maybe all of you should do too....?

  • I'm getting addicted to painting as much as I can with heat maps, and would love to combine all activities into one map. This is the main reason I have premium so to me it would make sense to give the people what they want?

  • +1

  • Personal heatmaps are the main reason why I am paying for premium as well. You should listen to your paying Summit members Strava! We want better personal heatmaps.

  • I agree with the group here. Personal heat maps for all activities might sway me to stay on as a summit member after the free trial.

  • Oh come on Strava, this isn't a difficult thing to implement, surely? You need to add some of these much-requested features if you want to keep people's interest.

  • Add me to the list to have the ability to see ALL activities in the heatmap.  I'm very much regretting my subscription to Summit due to the limited capability of the Heatmap.  The Heatmap is a great idea but only went half-way...  until this changes, I won't be subscribing to Summit.

    (...this same limitation applies to the Wear OS app as well.)

  • I really love heatmap but would like the ability to have it be for all activities.  Come on Strava, lets make this happen!

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