Request: optional 'load' weight for bike rides (e.g. touring)

I know the calories calculation is just a rough estimate, but it'd be nice to also be able to get a rough estimate of how much more energy I'm burning when I've got 20+kg loaded up on my back/bike.

From another question ( it seems the bike weight isn't actually taken into account for calorie calculation, which is a bit disappointing, but also means I can't even have a "loaded/touring setup" bike and an "unloaded" bike to see the differences (not that this would be a good work-around, as I don't really want to have two separate 'versions' of my bike for regular vs touring rides).

I'd love to see the bike weight accounted for in the energy & power estimations, as well as the ability to specify a load on top of the rider + bike weights (in profile + equipment settings) for an individual ride (and of course the ability to set this after the ride, and have it re-calculate power/energy).

It'd be interesting for commuters/tourers I'm sure, and also be an interesting way of filtering data.



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  • I believe joggers also use weights sometimes (vests, hand-weights or ankle-weights) for various types of training, so could be useful on those as well.

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  • I (think/hope/don't really know) that wearing a heart rate monitor solves that problem.

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