Sync Routes from Strava to Garmin device

I love the mapping and routing capabilities on Strava. I love being able to find a route that friends have done and then go do that same route. It's obviously very easy to view that route while riding on a smart phone with the Strava app running. However I recently purchased a Garmin Edge 1000 for my cycling GPS and it's certainly lacking in some mapping features. In order to bring a route from Strava to the Garmin, it's a multi-step process. Download the GPX file to your computer, hook up the Garmin to the computer via USB, then manually transfer the file from your computer to the Garmin. It takes longer than it really should. Imagine if you could search for a new route on Strava desktop or mobile app, then seamlessly send that route to your device or to Garmin Connect?! This would be a game changer. Would love to see this feature in a future update...


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  • Release has been delayed a few days, stay tuned. 

  • Elle: This is great news ... but a piece is missing. 

    The article mentions a Strava Routes ConnectIQ app ... but that app does not appear to exist (yet?).

  • Thanks David, I think the launch date is July 31st, so just a few more days to wait. 

  • So what I said back in December was this:

    Looking forward to this - hope it will be implemented as a full sync with Garmin Connect, rather than a ConnectIQ app that can pull routes from Strava as that would rule out all but the most recent Edge units. AFAIK, none of the current Forerunners or the Fenix 3's will support downloaded persistent content from ConnectIQ.

    Turns out I was destined to be disappointed, yet again. Thanks for nothing. (granted there's a couple more devices now)

  • FWIW: The link no longer works.


    You're not authorized to access this page


  • Steve: But this is not Strava's fault (at least something :D). The main problem is that Garmin did not released updated Connect IQ 1, that can support Downloadable Content. For this is Connect IQ 2.2 needed that is supported only on latest devices.

  • Hi Elle,

    Do you know when the IQ app will be available for download ?

    Many thanks

  • Can anyone find the Connect IQ strava route app? I cannot! If so, can you send me the direct link. Many thanks. 

  • Still no app :(

  • Sorry for the slight miss-communication everyone - the launch is coming soon and is just delayed a few days. Thanks for your patience. 

  • The final touches and the last remaining bugs are being worked through. Thanks so much for your patience. The launch for Strava Routes on your Garmin is coming later this month. 

  • That's great to hear. Thanks for the update.

  • ok Elle and when this is finally done can you provide step by step instructions to share routes across strava and garmin.  also do you know why course/routes that i create using open street maps cannot be viewed by the public, my connections, or anyone else on the planet, even though open street map created courses must be public (according to Garmin!!) and also the share icon in garmin courses does not allow it to be shared manually.  courses created in google maps can of course be made public or private, and shared,.....I mean that's obvious!  its weird but i asusme its a garmin bug or i am missing something (a user of 6 years and still frustrated with garmin hardware, software, and user interface.  In fact if strava could get the funds to buy and take over garmin i know all my cycling mates would be thrilled!)

  • It's been over a year. Really, no Bluetooth upload?

  • It's out now, any news if it will come to some of the newer watches like the 935?



  • It's there. but...no compatibility with Fenix 5? Come on!

  • The new feature is out and it works on my garmin 520 via connectIQ, but it dumped every route I have ever created on to my garmin. How do I delete them off of my garmin? I want some to stay, but I want to remove others off the device (but have them stay in Strava)

  • Will this feature work on my edge 810 or is it too old now?

  • Far too old, Chris. The feature requires Connect IQ, which the 810 will never have. 


    Time to upgrade. 😀

  • John, I think you’ll have to remove them manually. 

    As I understand it, the app will load routes you have tagged as favorites. 

  • I'm little bit upset because of incompatibility with devices like Fenix 5. I believe it deserves to have this feature. Is this planned?

  • Those instructions that Elle links to are totally unclear.  Maybe if you get lucky it works - but I cannot get it to work on my 520.  The instructions on the link just miss out vital information.  For example where the heck is the connect IQ app?  I downloaded it from the app store - but to where? the 520 or the website.?   Probably great if you are an IT geek. If you just want to see your route - not so easy.

  • Hi on the Strava Routes web page it lists the vivoactive 3 as a compatible watch for Strava Routes, however in the Connect IQ Store it is not listed as compatible, therefore I cannot install it.

    Can you please add the vivoactive 3 as compatible in the Connect IQ Store? Thanks!

  • There is an issue with this app that if you sign into Strava using the "Log in using google" button you get a 403 Error "disallowed_useragent".  Basically google deny the sing in request as the user-agent is not permitted to make an OAuth authorization request to Google as it is classified as an embedded user-agent (web-view)...per google's policy only browsers are permitted to make authorization requests to Google.  They do have libraries available to get around this approach!

    Hopefully someone will fix this as it looks like a great way to sync Strava routes to Garmin devices.

  • Not sure what I am doing wrong, as I have got it working once, but I cannot get any routes to appear on my Garmin connect or my Fenix 5.

    I have created routes on Strava, both from scratch and from my own activities, I have starred them, but I cannot get them to appear on Garmin connect, either on the web or on my phone app.  

    Am I missing a step?

    Please help!

  • Is er inmiddels een oplossing voor het 403 probleem?

    Als ik op mijn garmin explore strava routes wil laden, dan krijg ik het bericht dat ik via de garmin connect app de registratie moet voltooien. Als ik dan via de garmin cinnect app wil inloggen op strava, dan krijg ik de 403 fout code. Dit is inmiddels al een behoorlijke tijd. Aub oplossing?

  • If you are trying to login via Google it won't work. I had to migrate my login to use username and password before it would work. Has no problems since.

  • Any movement here? Is moving away from a Google login the only work-around? It's July 2019 and I'm having this same issue. Would rather not change my login info.

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