Show heart rate data on swim activities

Currently the swim data from the HRM-Swim doesn't display. It would be good to get it on there for suffer score etc.



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  • Come on Strava!

  • I bought my Garmin HRM-Swim and tried it out today only to learn that the HR data doesn't go anywhere. May we get an ETA on adding this?

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  • I'm using Garmin swim HRM and no heart rate is shown on Strava! 👎🏻 I probably will cancel my premium membership until Strava fixes this issue!


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  • +1 request please

  • so disappointing that the heart rate data don't sync across from my Garmin to strava missing out on the fitness & freshness info and traning zones, please hurry this up Strava


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  • According to DC Rainmaker the reason behind this is that on Garmin's side, the HR data is captured in a separate file. This is a result of the HR Swim and HR Tri not transmitting the data to the watch real time, but rather saving the data in a separate file which is combined with the rest of the workout data through Garmin Connect. Strava could still implement a fix to read this file, but they seem more concerned about the social media aspects of the website and have instead spent a lot of their resources on getting a "smart" feed like facebook or instagram, which is a feature nobody wants.

  • Any update on this?

  • To get this issue recognised, please click on the orange up-arrow on the main post:

  • Just had a looksie at lap swim activity from my Fenix 5.  The native format is .fit and I haven't had a chance to take the data in there apart.

    However a TCX export from Garmin Connect does include HR data (this doesn't debunk DCR's assertion as this file is derived from activity data).  If you manually import this to Strava as a "run" you get to see a spike trace and HR.

    This is a rubbish workaround.  TBF Garmin Connect's swim analysis is better than Strava's. 

  • I see nice HR data in Garmin Connect.

    In Strava on my phone, I see a flat line - it's a HR, but it's just one number.

    So I think that Strava's response that the data is on the mobile app is inaccurate. 

    Surely the data is pulled the same way as for a bike ride, from the same data store, so just include the same code to show the HR and let's all move on!

  • Just got the new Forerunner 935 with a hrm swim and the HR data neither shows in the app nor on the website. Come on Strava - feature at least the basics showing the data that's already there!

  • Gets my vote need swim hr asap


  • Please make sure to support Garmin swim data too! No súffer score or statistics today. Again.

  • One more strava premium customer who bought a Garmin swim HR and then realised that this won't show up in Strava. Loss in my mind to Strava'a part. They are now forcing me to use Garmin connect as the go to App.

  • +1 for all the good it will do...

  • Extremely dissapointed. Bought the HRM-Tri for one reason only, to be able to include my swim training in the fitness chart. Now I realize that the hr-data is not sent over to Strava. What a bummer! Please include Hr-data from Garmin as soon as possible.

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    Please add support for this!

  • Has anyone found a workaround to apply the HR to the training session separately?

  • Hoping that heart rate data can be uploaded into Strava. I have Garmin 920xt and the heart rate data doesn't get uploaded (haven't tried open swim mode). The strange part is that I made a random strength workout profile and heart rate data from that gets uploaded. The freshness and fitness function is also useless for folks who have swim as the swim heart rate data is not used in that function. Strava - this really can't be that hard to fix that people have been begging since 2015 and nothing has changed.

  • This is really RIDICULOUS that strava does not import heart rate data for swimming. This needs to get fixed asap or I have to ask refund for my premium membership.

  • As a triathlete around a quarter of my workouts are swim related. The Fitness and Freshness and suffer scores are worth very little when they miss that much of my workouts. I look forward to when this support is added.

  • As a triathlete I am seriously looking into TrainingPeaks at the moment. Definitely the better analysis package, the only thing I'd be missing from Strava are the live segments.

  • It's a bit of a missing link here - if the data is in Garmin, why can't it just be brought across as-is? I use a HRM-Tri which shows heart rate fine on Garmin Connect but nothing on Strava. 

  • I don't think Strava uploads swim HR from my Garmin 935. This is ridiculous~

  • Christian: You won't miss the segments. Strava is a social network. And a good one. TP is the far superior training tool. I'm just now starting to really understand how to fully use and apply the data it anylizes.

  • Come on Strava! You already way behind on Run Power (Stryd)! This is SO EASY

  • Almost 2 years of comments :(

    Both Training Peaks and Garmin Connect offer good swimming analysis, currently IMHO the latter is better but I use both and have discontinued my Premium Strava. It's a fun social toy, but training tool, no.

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