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On Segment Explorer (for cycling anyway) the only filter you can apply is whether it is a categorised climb or not and because there are so many segments in an area, you only get to see a handful listed on the map at any time.

I'd like to see additional filters so I can show just segments above or below a certain distance for example (sometimes I only want to see long segments, but the map is just giving me sprints or vice versa), or perhaps be able to filter by gradient to remove downhill segments or maybe take out particularly steep segments but keep in shallower climbs.



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  • Great idea Steve, I would love to use this functionality. 

  • +!  Filtering by "Avg Gradient" or "Maximum Gradient" would allow the really hilly segments to be found and added to a route easier. 

  • I would use this feature daily.

  • I love this idea. I was just poking around to see if it had been suggested already.... +1 on the filter by average or max gradient from me. I'd love to find more steep climbs around me.

  • +1 on filtering by minimum distance. Too many of the results for the running segments are <400m with dubious koms obtained on iPhones.

  • I came here to create a similar post and found this one. So I am bumping it.


    I would like to filter people by Clubs I follow > Age > gender > this past year when looking at the performance for a Segment.


    It would be super useful to be able to drill down by maintaining 1-5 filters in place instead of just one now.


    Thank you.


  • Yes Please! It doesn't seem like it would take much to add a filter for length and a filter for gradient.
    I'm trying to train for a ride that has a lot of climbing and looking for good segments to train on and as it is currently implemented the segment explorer is just not very useful.

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