Separate heatmaps between mountain bike and road bike routes

When I build routes I use the heatmap and many times the default is on the road

A separated heatmaps between mountain bike and road bike routes would really help in building routes especially for MTB or road bikes




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  • YES. This would be a HUGE help to me and many other users I know.

  • please add this in.

  • Would appreciate this feature a lot!

    It's annoying to ride on the wrong road surface...

  • Couldn't agree more. Hyperlinked heat maps that allow for easy route creation for off-road trails would be awesome. Let route creation snap to a heat map the same way it snaps onto a road when creating road only routes.

    That, or make the manual route creation a little better as using manual mode to trace heat maps is HORRIBLE.

  • Yes! Please introduce a mountain bike global heat map! And please make planning routes off road better! There should be an option on the route creator to stick to roads or prefer off road paths/tracks, so that planning a route for road/mtb is better, use the latest openstreetmap data, and make tracing where there is no path easier.

  • Been traveling Europe for 8 months. I plan most of my rides with Strava (it is simply awesum). It is incredibly useful! But please please please please please add the ability to separate mountain bike heat maps from road heat maps. My road bike thanks you...


  • Yes this would be so useful - like others trying to find local off-road routes is so much harder currently. I'm guessing this would require having a separation across all of strava for road/off-road biking when tracking but this needs to happen anyway! 

  • This would be a feature I am willing to pay for!


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